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Let There Be Level Components

Hey Backers!

We apologize for the radio silence, about six weeks ago a company called Leap Motion approached us with a business opportunity we couldn’t pass up. They make a neat little motion control device, and wanted us to create a launch title for them. Fast forward a few weeks later, and we’ve got a cool little multiplayer experience called Shimsham: The Legend of Jazz Hands. It’s not playable without the Leap Device (yet…), but check out the trailer and make sure to give the jazzy soundtrack a listen!

Anyhow, we’re back in Duet land, and are happy to say that we’ve made quite a bit of progress on the level editor thanks to a new menu system. We’re calling it Designer, and are integrating it into Duet. It will allow level designers to drag and drop the various level components (controls, obstacles, goals) into levels and adjust their starting parameters (color, player ownership, size, rotation, etc.). We’ve also built in both mouse and controller support.

Duet Designer Preview

We want players to be able to create and share their own challenges with their friends and the world, so we’re making the level editor a fundamental part of the game.

We’re also currently working on integrating the level creation and sharing process with Steam Workshop, the system used for user-created content in games like Portal 2, Civilization 5, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and a growing number of games.