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Intake on iOS? The Big Question Answered

We know you all have been wondering: “Gee whiz guys! When are you gonna release Intake on iOS?” Well, it’s never going to happen.

Real TalkAaron_hearts_you

SIKE! We are totally about to launch Intake for iOS!  We know, we know, you can barely contain your excitement. Don’t worry guys. You will be the first to know when it hits the App Store!


If you enjoyed all the pill-popping, bass-dropping, dubstep-wubbing, sparkle party extravaganza of our Mac/PC version of the game, you are going to completely lose it with our intense pocket edition! It’s got all the features of the desktop build plus the luxury of getting your Intake fix any time you want, on the go.

Haven’t heard of Intake?!?! Don’t worry! You’re gonna kill it with our new retro-futuristic drugstep arcade shooter. It’s got it all! Classic shmup style gameplay, over 70 finely tuned achievements, five bonus challenge modes, including a pro mode, colorblind settings, six different scoreboards to climb, super ridiculous powerup action, and an insane dubstep soundtrack written by none other than our very own Dain Saint.

What, you don’t feel like waiting? Oh, you don’t have an iOS device? No worries! You can always grab the game on Steam. We got your back. 😉

Also, visit You’ll need sunglasses.