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Fractal Featured on Google Play!


The long wait is over! Fractal is finally available on Android devices through the Google Play™ Store! Why are you still reading this? You should be downloading it now!

For those who are still here, you might remember Fractal as the bumpin’ arcade puzzling game we put out in 2010. You push multicolored hexagonal gems around a board, creating groups of 7 (called Blooms) to clear them in a particlitious explosion. It’s been called “Slick, explosive, and wickedly addictive.” by people who should know what they’re talking about. Seriously, why haven’t you left to go download it?

Get it on Google Play

If you’re still here, you obviously just don’t have an Android device. That’s fine, we understand. You can still get Fractal on iTunes, Steam, and even this very site. Or, you already have Fractal for Android from the Humble Bundle. An update will be getting pushed out to you soon, so sit tight. We love you all!

– Will, Dain, Andrei, Aaron, and Jackie