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A new player has connected.

connection_foundA few months back, we received an email with a strange request. Admir is a Steam gamer, who described to us an uplifting friendship he’d developed over two years with a fellow gamer, Lina. He spoke wonders of her tirelessly cheerful personality and the positive affect it had on his life. As it turned out, Lina is a fan of Splice — and her birthday was fast approaching. He wondered if there was any way we could help him show his appreciation. The line that did me in was:

“Her name is Lina and she is someone who influenced me and changed me for the better and I couldn’t be more happier that I know her.”

And something about people coming together through games to make each other better people just resonated with me on that particular day. So, feeling inspired, I wrote a small piece of music for Lina, in the style of Splice. (From what I hear, it was very well received)

Within our community, we all know people for whom the unforgiving pressures of life and industry prove to be too much to handle alone. And often, when we need a helping hand or a kind word, we find it altogether too easy to become more withdrawn and isolated, stubbornly maintaining that our problems are ours alone. It is in those moments that we need each other the most.

Games can provide distraction, yes. But they also provide a space to connect. For one of our games to be part of that connection, no matter how small, is an enduring reminder that we all possess the ability to bring joy to each others lives.

Why do I make games? For simple, human moments like this.

Happy birthday, Lina!