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Press Start to Continue

Dear Friends and Forgers, Firstly, you’re beautiful. Yep. You. You’ve made our lives better and brighter. Which, is why this is so hard. But, let’s rip off the band-aid. As of July 1st we’ll be closing down the Forge located at 239 Chestnut Street. For some of you, you may have just become a member. […]

Permission, Dedication, and the art of Game Jams.

For over 3 years now I’ve been hosting a weekly event in Philadelphia called Dev Night. The main purpose of this event is to help grow and centralize the gaming community in Philadelphia. One thing above all others accomplishes this task: our Monthly Game Jams. What is a Game Jam? For people in the gaming […]

“Interface First” Game Design

At Cipher Prime, we create games constantly. You may only see one or two of our games released a year, but behind the scenes we make games weekly — sometimes even daily. The biggest problem is always getting started. Game jams help by providing a theme, but there are so many different places you could […]

It’s time for a new Game: Enter Pulse

Yay! Finally a new game! Well, we’re not quite there yet. But, it’s about time we at least tell you what we’ve been up to. The name of our new little baby is Pulse. She is a wonderful mix of music and rhythm game for the iPad. Rather than go on and on about her, […]

Introducing: Space Whale Studios

Not only do we currently have our Cipher Prime Bundle happening, we are overwhelming excited to announce the debut launch for another Philadelphia Studio: Space Whale Studios. As of yesterday, they launched their first title called “Return All Robots” on the XBox Live Marketplace. And today, they are launching their PC version right from our […]

We’re moving and we need your help!

For those of you who have come to see us at our old office, things are changing! As of this week, we’ve moved into our new space right on 3rd and Chestnut Street! We are overwhelmingly excited. Not only is the space 5 times larger, it’s an awesome location with great food at almost exactly […]

It’s Update Time!

So, now that our little baby has been unleashed into the wild we’ve been able to find a few of those silly bugs. We have also had plenty of feedback on the updating system and have changed over to a much better method. Unfortunately, that fix will not be present until you upgrade. In no […]

Soft Launch Time

For all you tuned-in cats, we’ve been having a rather… interesting time these past two days. We had to postpone the Fractal Launch until this afternoon because of server related issues yesterday. Today, Media Temple was DDoS’d and we were thrown for another loop. Internally, we’ve been having stupid issues with Windows 7 permissions and […]

Uh oh! Launch Postponed until Tuesday Afternoon

I sure hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we’ve been running a lot of download tests today and we just weren’t happy with the results. Preorders have really picked up over the past few days, so we wanted to make sure nothing goes wrong and that everyone will have a happy fast […]