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Two juicy pieces of Cipher Prime news today!

Pre-order Splice on Steam today! Find it here!


Splice is the newest Cipher Prime title! It’s a game of exploration and experimentation where you solve puzzles by arranging cells into certain shapes. Your task is to discover how different cells react to each other as you move them around. It’s quite a challenge and we promise that you probably haven’t played anything quite like it!

We’re also really happy to say that Splice was the winner of Intel’s 2011 Level Up contest in the Best Puzzle Game category! We’re also really proud of our baby for being our best looking game yet.Splice_Intel_Level_Up_2011

For the current release Splice is available on Steam for PC and Mac. If you pre-order you’ll get the game and a copy of the soundtrack for free! The soundtrack has seven songs, one from each of the first seven sequences in the game. A PC demo is also available on Steam (we’re working with Steam to put up the Mac demo).

Click here to listen to the first single from Splice, “Cassiel”. You can download it for free!

Auditorium Duet Update

Now that Splice development is winding down, we’re almost ready to swing full gear into Duet. We know we’ve been a little quiet on the update front, and we’re sorry for that, but you’ll be hearing more from us soon about Duet.

We’re going to start by getting all the Kickstarter backer prizes squared away, and then we’ll have some technology updates through our Dev Notes. We’ve got a handful of new interns ready to help out, and we’re excited about our next steps as a company, and with Duet’s potential for showing off our studio’s progress!

As we’ve mentioned before, we expect Duet to take anywhere from six months to a year of development time once we get underway, even with our crew of four (plus interns). A lot of the big uncertainties dev-wise will be the multiplayer and music generation aspects of the game, which we want to get just right!

So stay tuned, and in the meantime be sure to check out Splice!


The Splices Are Coming!

Well, we’ve got some very cool news! Development of Splice is going swimmingly and we’re happy to say that we were featured in Kotaku’s Indie Spotlight today!

We put up a few screenshots of our latest build on our games page and there’s a new gameplay trailer available through the Kotaku article. (More media will come in the next few days.)

We can tell you that the game will feature almost a hundred strands (puzzles), many of which are dastardly difficult to solve! You’ll also be able to enjoy fourteen new Dain Saint joints that you’ll be humming all day. Splice is an incredibly immersive experience, and if you’re a puzzle person, we promise you frustration and sweet, sweet mental victories!

The game is going to be released on Steam for PC/Mac on June 13, and pre-orders (which will include Splice’s official soundtrack and a discount) will be available June 6!

Stay tuned for more Splice!