Splice Coming to PS3!

That’s right! Later this year, we’re going to be self-publishing Splice on the PS3. This week we’re honored to be showing off Splice as part of the PlayStation booth at E3. Check out more on our featured PlayStation blog post.

We’re shooting for a late summer to early fall release. We’re also hoping to include optional PlayStation Move support. Be sure to keep an eye out for Splice on the PSN!

splice for PS3 at E3

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  1. nxtfari says:

    Come on, dudes. I love you all to death, but PS3 is really not the platform for this kind of game. It just doesn’t work. In my opinion, you guys should really be focusing on platforms for receptive to your game style, like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Just think about it: could you imagine sitting at home on your couch with a controller, playing a touch puzzle with levels 2-3 minutes long on a 42″ TV? It’s not the right setting. I’m not sure how to properly describe it, but I wish you’d get the vibe I’m trying to impart. The console is for longer, more immersive games. That’s why you play on the couch. These touch-puzzle type games are much better suited to the mobile setting. Standing in line at the supermarket, sitting on a train/bus, having a 20 minute lunch break- that’s when I would play games like Splice, Pulse, etc. I know you guys are already knee-deep in bringing Splice to PS3, but I would seriously recommend using this time for more useful purposes, like bringing Auditorium/Duet to mobile. That’s where these games are suited to, and that’s where they’ll be the most successful. Just my two cents.

  2. Mitsui says:

    Hey guys! I love the game and played it on my PC. I was wondering when is it gonna be released for the PS3 version and it’s already 2014 too. So hopefully it comes out soon and how much will it be and how bigs the file to download the game too! While your at it, Maybe you can release your other games too to the ps3 in the PSN Store also if you want as well! Thanks!!


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