Game of the Year Runner-up Goes on Sale!

We’re so happy to see Splice : Tree of Life named Runner-up to Game of the Year, we want to show our gratitude by putting it on sale. So for a limited time, you can now pick up Splice through the Mac App Store for just $3.99!

Splice : Tree of Life also made Apple’s Best of 2012 selection for the iPad in the New Ways to Play category.

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  1. Tom says:

    I rarely post on the web but for this puzzle game I am making the rare exception. This puzzle game rocks and I picked it up on the App store a few days ago for a great price – $3.99. More than worth the money! This is a very cerebral game where part of the fun is in learning how to play it as the provided rules are minimalistic – which adds to the appeal. Go and Splice yourself a copy.


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