Splice Screenshot Challenge

If you missed out on the chance to snag one of the Steam game codes given away on Twitter this week—no worries—we’ve got another opportunity here for you to get your hands on free games from Cipher Prime!

The point of this challenge is to be creative with the game mechanics. We want to see what interesting imagery people can come up with given the structures available in Splice. We’ll be selecting up to 7 screenshots to be featured as downloadable desktop backgrounds. Entries should be taken at the highest resolution available and in full-screen mode .

Take screenshots using the Steam client and add them to your Steam profile’s library of screenshots. To submit your entry, post a link of the full-size screenshot image to the Splice Screenshot Challenge forum thread. If you can wow the pants off us, we’ll offer you up a free Steam key to one of Cipher Prime’s games of your choosing. Exceptional screenshots will be credited with your name and made available for download as desktop backgrounds through the Splice Community Page on Steam.

The challenge will continue until all 7 screenshots have been chosen. So fire up Steam, hop on into Splice, start feverishly mashing that F12 key, and show us what you got!

Ready. Set. Post away!

Winning Entries
EPILOGUE.301 by Neil Sardesai (1920×1080)
SEQUENCE.307 by Andrew Isley (1280×800)
SEQUENCE.??? by Brandon Keech (1366×768)
EPILOGUE.??? by Tyler Krof (1280×720)

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    • Nikkolai
      Nikkolai says:

      Still working on a couple ideas for competitions. What kind of challenge would you see yourself participating in, or would like to see happen for Splice?

      Some of the other ideas we’ve been tossing around have been design challenges for t-shirts or buttons and such. Another idea involves dreaming up the back-story for Splice. What’s the setting of the game? Who are we that we find ourselves splicing cellular structures together on a microscopic level? Or, perhaps the setting predates history and we’re merely a figment of creation in this primordial ooze.


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