Splice on Steam!

Splice is here!

If you’re feeling up for a one of a kind puzzle experience, play Splice!

It’s got mysterious microbes, ingenious geometry, and perplexing puzzles. Plus, the art is beauteous and music harmonious and it’s an overall good time. If you’ve got a puzzle personality you definitely have to check this game out. Splice also won Intel’s Level Up contest this year, for Best Puzzle Game!

The game is available for PC and Mac on the Steam Store, for $9.99. And there’s also a soundtrack + game bundle available for $12.99! There’s a demo too, if you’d like to try out the first few levels.

We’ve got some ear candy from Splice on Bandcamp, called Flight of Angels. Give it a listen!

We’re planning on releasing the game through our Cipher Prime store in the near future, as well, so stay tuned.

We’ve been awake for a long, long time getting the game shipped off, so please leave your comments and we’ll get back to you after some precious, precious sleep!

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  1. Doug says:

    I pre-purchased this game and never gotten my free soundtrack dlc

    I made a gameplay walkthrough of this new video game. It gives you a better view of this game and may help you with the decision if this game is for you or not.

    I hope this walkthrough helps anyone of you that may be stuck on a certain part of the sequence.


  2. Liam says:

    I pre-ordered the game and was wondering if we could get access to the high quality formats instead of just mp3?

  3. Dave K says:

    I supported you guys by pre-ordering on steam but even though it said splice was mac/pc steam tells me that splice doesn’t work on my mac. it would be nice if you could help me get it working 🙁

  4. Nikkolai
    Nikkolai says:

    @Doug: The soundtrack DLC ends up saving to the Splice install directory. Look in …Steam/steamapps/common/splice/soundtrack

    Let us know if you still didn’t receive it. Thanks!

  5. Andrei
    Andrei says:

    We’re planning on updating the Steam soundtrack with FLAC tracks as well as mp3s. Should happen in a day or so. We’ll send you an email when it happens.

    Very cool! Enjoy the epilogue! Did you find all the angelic solutions (i.e. the solutions with fewer moves than there are splices)?

    @ Dave K
    Can you send us a little bit more information about your system? What version of OSX you’re using, hardware specs, etc. Let us know at team@cipherprime.com and we’ll try and figure out what’s wrong!

  6. DaT says:

    I Played the demo. Its a good game with modern graphics but not overloaded with it. Gameplay is easy to complete but hard to understand 😀 I recommend it!Good work Cipheprime!

  7. Tzaphqiel says:

    The game is great, and the soundtrack for the main sequences is excellent.
    However, I’ve noticed that the epilogue sequences have a completely different soundtrack (which is just as good, if not better, in my opinion). This made me wonder if the songs from the epilogue sequences will be made available separately, with the main soundtrack, or not at all.

    That said, keep up the good work, Cipher Prime!

  8. andrei
    andrei says:


    We’re thinking about it and doing some experiments!


    The epilogue music isn’t finished yet, and they will be made available separately in the future! And thank you! We’re glad you enjoyed the game!

  9. Ariel says:

    I really enjoyed playing the game, but after beating the epilogue sequences I can’t find a way to go back to the original sequences. Was this a design decision? Cause I’ll never be able to get the last achievement of the game because of this. And it kind of bothers me because I didn’t know I had to get all the angelic solutions before I got to the epilogue.

    Is there any way around this or will this achievement just be forever locked for me?


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