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“Cassiel” Transcribed!

This blog post is dedicated to one of Cipher Prime’s favorite fans, Neil Sardesai, who recently transcribed “Cassiel,” the seventh track to Flight of Angels, the Splice soundtrack.

This isn’t even the first song Neil has transcribed for us; it’s the fourth. He’s also transcribed Flight of Angels‘ “Ariel” and “Fanuel” and Algorithms and Angelology‘s “Phylonoe.” And as Dain points out in his recent musing about composing the Splice soundtrack, Splice’s songs are composed to be played by three pianos, making them that much more difficult to transcribe. Holy peas, Neil.

But Neil’s awesomeness transcends musicality: he’s a renaissance man and a renaissance fan. He somehow ported Pulse (available on iPads only) onto his iPhone. And he also made us this gorgeous trailer for Splice:

We tip our hats to you, Neil. You are an official Cipher Prime hero, and we’re so, so thankful to have fans like you.


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    • julia says:

      Woah! For some reason we were not yet aware of your glory, Nranda! Thank you so much for your amazing transcriptions! You totally deserve mad props. How about this: email me at julia at cipherprime dot com, and I’ll gift you a Steam key to one of our games, your choice. Thanks again for your sweet work, dude!


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