Splice, Duet, and the Road Ahead

So where does Splice stand now that it’s been released on Steam? Is it going to be available through the Cipher Prime Store as well? Will there be an iOS or Android version of the game? When will we start to hear about development on Auditorium 2 : Duet, and when can we expect to see our Kickstarter rewards? Good questions. Let’s have a crack at them now, shall we?


Normally our Mac and PC games are available through the Cipher Prime Store. However, since we’re currently in the process of overhauling our store and website, Splice is only available via Steam. Splice will eventually make its way onto the Cipher Prime Store, just not until after our new site goes live.

For those with iPads, you’ll be excited to know we’re hard at work on an iOS version of Splice, and it looks beautiful! The iPad version will also include support for Game Center achievements. There are still a few bugs to work out before we can confirm a release date, though.

As for Android users, unfortunately it’s the same old story. We still don’t have a production pipeline in place for Android development, but that may change in the coming months. If you’re interested in seeing our games on Android, please fill out this survey to help us determine which devices to support.

Auditorium 2 : Duet

With development on Splice winding down, we are finally starting to gear up for development on Auditorium 2 : Duet. Last week we added a fifth member to our team, Aaron Chapin, to serve as Lead Developer on the project. The next four to six weeks will be spent developing the core architecture needed to support all the features we plan to have in Duet. To test out this new framework and our development process, we will also be making (and possibly releasing) a small arcade style game based on this architecture.

We’ll be updating our Auditorium 2 : Duet Kickstarter reward timelines near the end of next week. We’ve already distributed redemption codes for Fractal : Make Blooms Not War to all Kickstarter backers. It’s possible some of you may not have received a code. If you didn’t receive yours, please contact us by email or through Kickstarter and we’ll resend the redemption code. Next up on the list for Kickstarter rewards is t-shirts. We’ll have more details for you soon.

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  1. Randy Bailey says:

    Hiya! My son and I are still waiting for the duet, trying our best to be patient. please let us know if now if it’ll be coming soon. when we made our donation, it said oct/nov. soooo, where is it? On my computer soon I hope.
    thank folks!
    love auditorium, and fractal
    really can’t wait for duet!
    x randy


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