Kerry Joins the Team!

Hey internet,

I’d like to introduce myself as Cipher Prime’s newest team member.

It’s been just over a month since I started here at CP, but now that I’ve officially been dubbed a “Zealot”, I can finally unveil myself to all of you.

So just to fill you guys in, here’s a quick recap of what the past month has been like at the studio:

Right off the bat, Will and Dain had me designing the new levels for Auditorium HD (only after I was able to beat the game). Thanks to Auditorium’s level editor, the process of actually building the levels was relatively simple. The tricky part was coming up with puzzles that were unique, intuitive and challenging- but never TOO challenging, of course. This can prove to be difficult if you’ve been staring at the same puzzles for days on end. Needless to say, after each round of testing, the levels had to go through several iterations before they started to feel like they were flowing nicely.

From there, it was on to choosing color palettes to go along with Dain’s new compositions and re-testing the levels on the PS3 build.

Between all of that, miscellaneous design work, putting together our First Friday event, and a healthy amount of Starcraft, they’ve kept me pretty busy for sure.

You all can expect to hear more from me in the coming months but for now, I’ve got to get back to Startcraft. Just kidding… Sort of…


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  1. andy says:

    You guys going to fix the broken save system for people who bought regular flash browser auditorium? I hate redoing the same level over and over and it not saveing the image/progress… total facial.


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