Patience is a Virtue

Now we know we’re a little past-due on Pulse’s newest update but fret not, dearest dot tappers. We will deliver. Our second free update features four brand new levels, a slew of small bug fixes and a major performance increase!

Last month, we received a good deal of feedback pointing out that our “Philly is Golden” update might be a bit too challenging for the more casual gamer. We certainly want to maintain a nice balance between the simpler levels and ones that induce sheer panic (ZOMGTHIZIMPOSIBAL). To ensure this balance, we put our guest artists on hold, went back to our synthesizers and cooked you up a handful of tracks that range from easy and breezy to moderately tricky.

Needless to say, we’re beyond excited to push this puppy into the world BUT here’s the rub:

We’ve entered Pulse in this year’s IndieCade festival and while they’re reviewing our game, we’ve got to keep it the same as it was when the judging process began. Pulse would be disqualified if we were to make any changes to it — and we wouldn’t want that! After all, it was at last year’s IndieCade when Pulse was first conceived.

So please bear with us! We’ll have that update out as soon as possible and we WILL make up for lost time. We’ve already got our next four guest artist tracks in the pipeline and will make damn sure to release them before you go hungry for levels again. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. Y’all are the best fans an indie studio could ask for, and without your helpful feedback and constant support, we would be nowhere at all.

Remember, The Pulse soundtrack is still available on the Cipher Prime Store and we’re ALWAYS looking for new music to put in Pulse. If you are interested in submitting or making a track for the game, please shoot us a cyber letter addressed to!

P.S. No cats were harmed during the creation of this blog post.

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  1. Neil says:

    Looking forward to the update 😀
    Also, how about adding Pacemaker? It may be really hard, but that track is AWESOME.

  2. Dan says:

    Hi Kerry,

    Thanks for the update, and good luck at IndieCade… Pulse certainly deserves to win ‘most addictive game ever’ if nothing else!

    Can you confirm whether the ‘small’ bugfixes include the rather major one of dots exploding before they’ve even appeared onscreen? After playing ‘Low Tide’ for a few hours earlier today, I was experiencing this about 33% of the time, and it really does spoil the enjoyment I get from the game.

    Also, will the score displayed to the user appear with greater accuracy? During the same ‘Low Tide’ session, I managed to get a ‘new’ record 3 times in a row, all with the same score of 98%… then another 98% which wasn’t new at all.

  3. Alisha says:

    I absolutely love this game! I am just upset that we have to wait so long for another update! The festival doesn’t appear to be until October, so we have to go 3-4 months without an update? That just seems a little unfair.

  4. Dan says:

    I’ve realised that the figure of 33% I gave previously was understating the problem a bit, as the bug normally happens more often than that: during my last session on Cinder, Porcelain Doll, and Low Tide, 23 out of 28 games were affected (roughly 82%). Oddly enough it seems to be only those three levels that are affected enough to count… I don’t remember experiencing the problem on any other levels.

    Can you give any more details of the fixes going in to the next release at all? If the problem is proving hard to track down, I’m happy to provide more video footage showing the problem on different levels if it helps.

  5. Brandon says:

    Ok. Wow. That game just took my mind and destroyed it. Excellent Job and I can’t wait for the new tracks! And I liked the “follow my voice” track, could you please put more songs like that in?

  6. Shelley says:

    Is there a problem with Pulse and the latest IPad update? I suddenly have no sound with Pulse, but have no problem with every other app! It was working great till the update. .???

  7. Dan says:

    I had a similar problem, where Pulse had no sound but everything else was fine, although Pulse did give sound if headphones were plugged in.

    The only solution I found that worked was to toggle the system setting for using the lock switch as mute from “lock” to “mute” and back again (even though I only ever use it for locking). I can’t remember if I restarted Pulse from one setting to the other, though, but hopefully this will work for you anyway (when it happened to me, not even power cycling the iPad fixed the bug!)

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    • says:

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  8. Dan says:

    “You know when we said we’d be releasing new tracks each month for Pulse? Well, we try our very best to make sure we’re not liars.”

    Your best looks like it has been severely mis-managed from the start.

    Any news on an update? Have you heard from Indiecade yet? Are new levels on the way? What bugs have been fixed (give specifics, saying “a slew” helps no-one)? Right now all I see is that you keep releasing new software while keeping existing paying customers completely in the dark when they should be the ones that come first.

    When was Pulse entered into Indiecade? Was it before you promised new levels each month or not? Surely you must have known the competition rules, given Pulse was conceived at Indiecade?

    Come on guys. I know you’re a small team, and I know you’re enthusiastic and keen to release great new titles, but please… realise you have not handled this well at all, be honest with your customers, and put them first instead of putting a competition result first (I still count myself as a customer of yours even though I have gone from playing Pulse for hours every day to not loading it at all in the last 2 weeks…)


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