A Promise is a Promise.

You know when we said we’d be releasing new tracks each month for Pulse? Well, we try our very best to make sure we’re not liars. So you can go grab that update now. ( almost a month to the day )

It seems a company’s word isn’t worth a lot these days and we really hope we can change that at Cipher Prime. It’s taken a few weeks longer for Apple to approve our update, but we’re all ready now!

Announcing the First Philadelphia Artists in Pulse!

In order of appearance and level difficulty:

Cooper and the Fantastic Machine present “klokwerk
George and Jonathan present “tidbits
Ghost Fight presents “veedja
Zilla Persona presents “follow my voice

Each one of these artists hasn’t just contributed music to Pulse, they created brand new musical works specifically for the game and we couldn’t be happier with the results. In our eyes, these guys are true rock stars.

For us, this is the first of many musical collaborations. We’ll be taking a deeper look into these artists as the months pass and presenting many more. We always need more artists, so please contact us if your interested in getting involved with Pulse.

Some of these tracks are a bit on the harder side (Follow My Voice is ridiculous!), but we’re trying to get more medium difficulty tracks for the next update.

In case you missed our last Pulse announcement, you can grab the original soundtrack from us ($4.99) or the iTunes store (more than $4.99).

On the other side of life, we’re in the middle of finishing the port of Fractal, then we’re going to go back and take a look at a certain outstanding soundtrack. Look forward to updates on that front soon.

As always, we want feedback! Please help us spread the word of Pulse!

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  1. David H. says:

    Thank you for releasing an update. As a music lover, but an old fogie, it would be nice if (over time) you were able to incorporate one or two more tracks which were easy but beautiful. Not all of us are 20 years old with the reflexes to succeed at the fast and difficult tracks 🙂

  2. will
    will says:

    We’ll do our best in the coming updates. We’ve been finding it hard to find mid-level to easy tracks from other artists. If we can’t find them, we’ll probably start creating them ourselves for you =)

  3. Campbell says:

    Are these new tracks going to be available for (mp3) download? One of my favourite parts of your games is the awesome soundtracks you have.

  4. will
    will says:

    We’re playing around with the idea. As long as enough people request it, we’ll make it happen =)

  5. Tony says:

    I was so excited to see new tracks released for your game…and then I played them…it’s not that the music is bad…maybe I’m just a terrible player. I enjoyed all the original tracks except for the last, most difficult ones, where the fun pattern game became an exercise in frustration…

    And now all the new tracks are on the frantic side of the equasion again.

    Any chance a future release will have some more of the “medium” difficulty tracks?

    Because as of now, this release will not bring me back to playing the game.

  6. Neil says:

    The new challenges are certainly fun but I’d rather play the new levels with the volume OFF. The 4 new tracks really aren’t that good. The first 2 sound like background music from SimCity4. And that last one with the rap is terrible and doesn’t fit with Pulse’s overall style. I do look forward to more better music and am only rating it 3 stars on itunes because this is a great game and the first set of music was amazing.

  7. TripMX says:

    Hahahahahaha!! What’s up with all these complaints about the update? I am very impressed with this update! It’s nice and refreshing to have more difficult songs especially that “follow my voice” song!! This is a great direction for Pulse: Volume One!! However, these casual gamers may need a bit “watering down”, so my best bet would be to (if you’re releasing 4 songs per month) cater to both hardcore and casual players of the music game world. Maybe a new song pack could consist of 1 easy song, 2 medium songs, and 1 hard song……but be sure to mix it up for balance sake. I’m also promoting this game on a very large music game forum website. I’d also like to thank you all very much for the FREE new songs. I really hope that the upcoming songs are even more exciting and catchy whether originals or not. Thanks again!! ^_^

  8. Tino says:

    I LOVE Pulse. Thanks for the great free update (keep them coming), however, i will agree that the last song “follow my voice” to me, does not really have the pulse vibe to it with all that rap (and is a liltle hard to play although i love chalanges and like it’s music), but i really appriciate all the new four songs especialy “tidbits” and “veedja” (love these two, beautiful visuals and music). The addition of the new songs to be purchased as a soundtrack would be great too. Due to the game’s nature I believe that at every update, all songs should be available for download. Keep up the good work!

  9. Justin Morton says:

    Will and team,

    Outstanding release!

    I personally use Pulse first thing in the morning to clear my head, get my mind going and acclimate smoothly from dream land to reality. It’s a great routine!

    As founder and owner of a very large gaming web site, I find the feedback that people are leaving quite interesting. The acclaim and the criticism of the content is to be expected, what really matters is the Pulse engine… Because it’s obviously the platform upon which the content can be repurposed and bundled upon. I think the engine itself is simply perfect.

    I love how the balls transition into a deeper color as the expanding meter circle approaches them. This is an ingenius way for the brain to infer, almost subliminally, which circle(s) need to be tapped next, in addition to the expanding meter circle. It can’t be overstated how awesome that addition is.

    Some things that I personally would love to see:

    1. Ability to “unlock” bonus tracks by reaching certain percentages in unlocked tracks.

    2. Difficulty levels. This would just add more touch spheres for advanced game play and present fewer or slowing moving spheres for beginner mode, etc.

    3. Community leaderboard. A leaderboard for each track wouldn’t be practical, but a leaderboard that averages your score for all available tracks would keep people pushing themselves to just get a percentage point higher on each track ad infinitum. My Facebook friends and I would get a real kick out of seeing who has the highest avg percent! This would most certainly make Pulse go viral on FB.

    Great work Cipher Prime! I’m looking forward to seeing this thing evolve…

  10. Justin Morton says:

    Oops! My original intention to comment is the one thing I forgot to type as I went off on my soapbox ha! I had meant to simply write the following, “The new Klokwerk track (by name, spelling, AND sound) is a second-to-none shout out to my favorite artist, Kraftwerk… and for that reason alone I’m a Pulse and Cooper and co. fan for life =) The little icons that explode from a tapped sphere should have been little radio powerstation antennae. Awesome stuff!

  11. Dan says:

    I’ve been reading some blogs where the Pulse dev team have been interviewed, and they mentioned a feature called “the slide dynamic” where apparently you can hold a finger anywhere on the screen and slide / spin to time warp the pitch and change the gameplay speed, as long as you continue to hold a finger down.

    I’ve tried this technique on several levels, but can’t honestly see any difference. Did this feature make it into the game at all?

  12. will
    will says:


    The slide feature is pretty slick, however it never made it into the final game. We ran out of dev time and were having trouble making it looks pretty =(

    Although, that doesn’t mean it won’t make in at some point. Most likely, that won’t come in until Pulse 2.

  13. Kasspa says:

    I had the luxory of trying this out with my friend at TMG in Oaks, and I absolutely loved it, came back and played for at least a good 40 minutes. With that being said, I don’t own an Ipad (way to overpriced imo….) Please, Please, Pleaseeeeeee release this for Android.

  14. Dan says:

    Have you considered starting a support area or forum for your products – somewhere for users to share information, compare scores, report bugs, etc? (it’s possible you already have one and I’ve simply not found it!). Hmmm… perhaps you could build some sort of leaderboard feature into Pulse so that our scores are automatically submitted and can be ranked.

    The reason I ask is that I have a fix to share regarding an issue where Pulse refuses to play any sounds via the internal speakers – a situation I found myself in today. After playing for an extended period with headphones in, I found that when I launched Pulse with them unplugged, I got no sound. No other app was affected, and even after a complete power-off-then-on cycle, Pulse still gave no sound. If I plugged the headphones back in, I got sound through them as expected. Unplugging them again muted Pulse, and so it went on.

    The fix was to go into the settings and change “Use side switch to:” from “Lock rotation” to “Mute” and back again (I may have gone back into Pulse inbetween those two steps – your mileage may vary). As all other applications used the speakers, I can only put this down to a bug in Pulse where it somehow gets confused about the mute state – something that’s all the more odd as we only use that switch for “Rotation lock”.

    Also, is pulse@cipherprime.com the best place to report bugs? 3 days ago I sent an email detailing another reproducible bug and haven’t had any acknowledgement that it’s been received. This leaves me wondering whether my mail is at fault or not, which seems a little unpolished (the email address is the one given at the bottom of your “Behind the music” page).

  15. will
    will says:


    Just got back to you, sorry for the late reply. We’re VERY deep into a dev cycle right now. You’re bug reports have been very awesome. Thanks so much!

  16. Thiago says:

    Thanks for the awesome update, your games are incredible, but i’d like to throw an idea here: Pulse and the future port of Fractal for iPhone. I don’t have an iPad, but i really like to play those games when i have one in my hands. Add to that my addiction to Fractal in Mac, and you’ll know how i like those games…

  17. Dan says:

    After spending a lot of time recently playing Porcelain Doll, I can’t help but notice that the “miss” animation and sound seem a lot more “in your face” than on any other level, especially when there are more than one or two stacked up. From comparing a few levels, I’m guessing the speed it is played at is tied in with the tempo of the level, rather than being played at a constant speed regardless of the level.

    Unfortunately, with Porcelain Doll being quite a slow level, this affects the playability (and certainly the enjoyment factor) to a greater degree than on faster levels – which just shouldn’t be the case… being penalised more because the level tempo is slower is frustrating to the extreme (when you’re seeing miss animations only just starting in areas of the screen you moved away from more than a second or so ago, you think that you’ve accidentally pressed the screen when you haven’t, causing you to check your hand / finger placement thus moving your focus, which causes more misses that compound the issue even more – I’m sure you get the idea).

    Is this something that will be addressed in a future release?

    I’d also like to propose that the scores are shown to one or two DP, as right now they look random and inconsistent. For example, I set a new high score of 95%, then score 95% again which isn’t a new high score, then 95% again which apparently is a new high score. The game is telling me that one value of 95 is greater than another, which clearly is not the case (unless maths has changed radically since I went to school). Showing one or two DP would remove this inconsistency, as I’d be able to clearly that 95.76% should beat 95.32%. It’s quite frustrating when you’re as competitive as I am and want to know if your score beats your friends or not, but you cant tell due to the score being truncated.

    I’ll save my thoughts on improving accuracy for another day 🙂

  18. Dan says:

    … I knew I should have trusted my first instincts :-)… my previous post was the closest logical and provable explanation I could find for gameplay that just didn’t feel right – that dots were either not present when they should have been, or exploding as “misses” when they shouldn’t have been.

    I won’t fill your blog with pages of new information, but will email pulse@cipherprime.com shortly. I’ve spared you the gigabytes of video taken to prove I wasn’t going bonkers, and distilled it down to 40 seconds instead 🙂

  19. Rima Overgaard says:

    Would it be possible to get Low Tide as a ribgtone?

    I love the idea of new tracks, great job you guys!

  20. Dan says:

    I’d be happier to see the existing bugs fixed first, even if the new levels are sidelined for a week or so (along with developing other new software titles).

    New levels would be nice, of course… but 4 new levels == 4 more levels that suffer from the problem of dots exploding before they’ve even appeared on screen, negating the chance of getting a 100% score (something which takes the fun out of the game somewhat, especially if that’s what you’re aiming for).

    Then there’s the headphones-locking-gameplay bug, the menu-music-during-gameplay bug, and the scoring “oddity” (I won’t call it a bug) where the scores are shown to 0 d.p, meaning one player might score what they’re told is “98%” without beating the high score, only for the next player to be told they have a record with what they are told is also “98%” (when it is presumably higher).

  21. Lauren says:

    I can’t express how much I love this game, it looks beautiful on the iPad’s screen and sounds amazing when I have my headphones in. I can easily waste away hours of my life on it!

    I have rated and reviewed Pulse on the app store (5 stars!) and I look forward to every update. I just wanted to say that I particularly love Veedja by Ghost Fight it is so fun, I do prefer the more challenging levels because I find the others easy and I would love it if you could include more difficult ones in a future update!

    Thank you
    A big fan,


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