Pulse is coming to the iPad on 5/5!

Apple has approved Pulse and we’re launching on 5/5!!!

Finally! Whewwwwww! We’re incredibly excited (maybe even crying)! For us, so many firsts are happening over here right now. Let’s examine the facts about Pulse:

  • our first Unity Game
  • our first self-published iOS game
  • our first Music Rhythm game
  • our first collaborative Music Game
  • our first game with our new Team Member, Kerry Gilbert
  • our first iPad game

With all this happening, we need your help! In the past, our fans have been nothing short of amazing. In fact, there’s no way we would still be making games if it wasn’t for all of you. We know some of you don’t have iPads and can’t play Pulse; that makes us very sad =(. However, this was a very unique concept and needed to be executed on a touch-screen tablet ( hint : we haven’t ruled out Android Tablets ).

Pulse could be a huge turning point for us. After 3 years of game development, we are still struggling every day (seriously, it sucks). We need to get out of this slump, so we can keep making great unique games. So, we need to ask your help with one thing:

Help us spread the word about Pulse!

Don’t do it because you love us. Don’t do it because we love you (a lot). Do it because Pulse is simply a great game by 3 lovable developers.

We’ve been getting an overwhelming response from anyone who has been able to play the game in Philly, but we need to reach out. If you have a blog, Facebook, website, best friend, family, Digg account, reddit account, carrier pigeon, semaphore, whatever… let them know we’re about to takeover the iPad Rhythm Game Market. Help us start the revolution, so we can keep making great games ( for many platforms ).

Promo codes, at the ready! Let’s sink this battleship!

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  1. Disappointed says:

    I am sad. No one can afford iPads, except for rich people and stupid people who waste food and/or rent money on frivolous electronics. I am also upset about everything that CipherPrime has promised/hinted at and never delivered. Auditorium level editor, Fractal updates, pc/mac version of Pulse(which by the looks of this post “needed to be executed on a touch-screen tablet” will never happen) =( I especially don’t like the wording of your blog post. It says “some of you don’t have iPads”. Try “most of us” don’t have iPads. I hate to say it, I really do, but I hope this game is not much of a success, at least until a pc/mac version is released.

  2. Ryan says:

    I have an iPad on order and am just waiting the 2-3 week to ship date. I will definitely check out your game and try to pop off a review!

  3. Kyte says:

    Weee, great a Ipad only game – to bad i don’t own one and never will, and i don’t know people who owns a ipad.
    I would be much more happier, when you would bring out Auditorium in the EU PSN store than developing a new game that nobody can play 🙁 I think the most people who play such games are in the EU

  4. RichT says:

    Ever since the original Flash version of Auditorium I’ve looked forward to every Cipher Prime release. Now if we could just get an iPad-native version of Auditorium too… 😉

  5. Charley says:

    Just got my iPad and I can’t wait to get this game and review it!

    I’ll make sure to forward it to anyone else that has an ipad! Let’s get this to the top charts.

  6. Miareeva says:

    While I am disappointed that I won’t be able to play this game – I LOVE this company and the games they create. I want them to do well so they can continue to create games that I can enjoy. I will certainly pass the word around that PULSE is about to become available!

  7. Benny says:

    I’m psyched for this release, iPad needs more quality games. Plan to pick it up from the AppStore day 1!

  8. GadgetGav says:

    Wow. Only 8 comments so far and so many negative sentiments…

    I loved Auditorium, and I’m really looking forward to trying this game. You guys can really do graphics and cool sound tracks, so I’m sure this is going to be great.

  9. Randy says:

    Looking forward to giving this one a whirl, even though I haven’t seen any gameplay video.
    Finally – a good reason to use my headphones with the iPad!

  10. DamnItsHot says:

    I think it is way cool. I post quite regularly and would love to play this on my iPad 2 or iPad (not only rich people have d*ck – I am far from that). Love Auditorium and my daughter who is now in sixth grade is one of your biggest fans.

    I will of course pay if I have too but a promo code would be awesome!

    Excellent work as always.

    P.S. I voted (numerous time or the Auditorium console contest – what ever happened? Maybe be I have been under a rock to long developing for iPads/iPhones myself. LOL

  11. Ben says:

    Hi guys, I love your blog and I most definitely have just posted this to my Facebook wall and twitter feed. Wishing you all the best!

  12. RobertE says:

    Looking forward to downloading it, and dropping a review on my website. Way to go guys! You’re giving the rest of the indie crowd a better name by contributing an awesome bundle for the masses. Thanks!

  13. Brandows says:

    I’m really excited for this. I’ll be there on the first day to download Pulse. I wish you the best of success.

  14. William says:

    I have mentioned this before, but is there any chance that it could come out ipod touch/iphone as well at a later date? Or does it require the larger screen of the ipad?

  15. Duke says:

    I don’t have an iPad either, but I am very excited for you. Don’t let the whiners get you down. Let us know if it plays through an iPad emulator or similar on a touchscreen PC.

    I too have passed on the word. Best of luck with your rollout!

  16. aphd3l says:

    Cannot wait for this…. Oh, I have to wait?

    Have told everybody I know and referred them to Auditorium if they’ve been unaware of it!

  17. Arik O'Bentz says:

    I sent out a note to about a hundred people, plus to a friend who has a newsletter with circulation in the tens of thousands. Maybe he will put it in this week (or maybe next week after he can try it himself or I can try it for him)

  18. Rômulo Haack says:

    PLEASE, send Pulse to Chilean Store too! As iOS developer, I know there is NO additional coast – right?
    I’m brazilian and there is NO games in Brazil, but I can BUY in Chilean store or download ONLY FOR FREE in USA Store.
    Please guys >.<

    Be kind with all fellows =(

  19. Rômulo Haack says:

    By the way… the game will actually run perfect in iPad 1st generation?
    The iPad 2 is not in Brazil to buy yet.

  20. nobody says:

    I’ve a fan since the flash version of Auditorium a number of years back. Wanted to chime in with those who are sad that this one will be ipad/tablet only. It definitely wouldn’t work on the smaller iphone/ipod screens? I hope sales end up being robust enough for you; the folks I know who would be the most interested in this definitely don’t have ipads.

  21. Neil says:

    Hey, even if we can’t play the game, we can still enjoy the Pulse soundtrack 😀
    (Heard it mentioned a few posts back)

  22. Alex says:

    Hey Folks @ Cypherprime,

    I have also put Auditorium to one of my favorites. Good that you developed a title with Unity, it will be portable to Mac/Windows I guess and that’s probably the reason why choosing this engine.

    If you like us to review the game in our radio show here at Dr. Pong’s in Frankfurt, Germany a code would be nice to have. The show will be on the 15th of May.

    Regards an all the best,

  23. Adin says:

    Did you guys post a thread in the upcoming section of toucharcade? Lots of people over there *love* auditorium!

    Glad to see another title in the iOS (and possibly android) store(s)

    Now what was this talk of promo codes?? ::grin::

  24. Stardawn says:

    Sorry, but no. Alienating most of your player base (not “some of you”) is not a clever choice. I feel like we’re back in the 90’s when you couldn’t play a great game if you owned the wrong console (Nintendo or Sega).

  25. damo says:

    I just got an iPad2 as a gift and this is great news! Being a a happy CipherPrime customer for quite a while I can’t wait for Thursday! Pulse is sure to be a favorite on my iPad. I’ll be sure to tweet, text, and shout it from the mountain tops about Pulse!

  26. Kya says:

    Is it only playable on an iPad, or on iPhone also? I know only one person who owns an iPad and he won’t install any games on it.

    I have an LJ where I could spread the word, but I if it’s only playable on iPad that won’t do much good.

    And we’d have to do it because we like you if we cannot play the game and see for ourselves how awesome it is, which I don’t doubt, but which is hard to write about and convince another about if you don’t have any own experience to refer to.

  27. David says:

    I love that you guys have finished this! Maybe you can work on an Android version now? I have an android phone, so hopefully it works for smaller screens…

  28. Daniel Hettrick says:

    Go go, Cipher Prime awesomeness. I am tweeting and retweeting as fast as I can and wishing you guys amazing success on this game. You deserve it. Once you sell a kajillion copies on iPad, though, please make an Android version for us non-Apple types. =)

  29. Fulluphigh says:

    I don’t own an iPad, and never, ever will. But I watched some gameplay footage of Pulse, and it looks awesome. More importantly, the soundtrack sounds amazing! I hope you release the whole thing, preferably on something other than iTunes, that way those of us who don’t own an iPad and prefer to own the copies of music we buy can listen to it!!

  30. Tarkil says:

    Cannot wait! I’ll try it as soon as i could. I’m one of the Ipad owners here who was waiting for this!

  31. Mike "mDaWg" Calfin says:

    This game better turn out to be good! Otherwise I may just have to make the 10 minute drive over there to smack somebody in the face :D!

    I’m good at basically every rhythm game so I’ll probably end up raping this one too XD

  32. Ziinyu says:

    Everytime I see [Cipher Prime] in my e-mail my heart goes all a’flutter. I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed that the (delightfully gorgeous looking) Pulse is iPad only, but I’ll still support it the best I can. I know you are working on things, but I’ll echo the sentiment that iPhone support would be a very welcome development indeed.

    I’m excited for future games (it seems like Pulse got out of the door pretty quickly – productivity is booming) and releases. Soundtracks perhaps?

  33. Rômulo Haack says:

    I’m uploading a video with first impressions of Pulse for the iPad.
    For those who THINK in buy, just stop thinking and buy xD
    The game is freaking awesome! Beautiful songs and… seriously -> impossible stages to make 100% lol

    The video is in upload right now and if you want to see my review, you can follow me in Twitter to see the video asap.

    Thanks for your help (again), Will! It’s an amazing game!

  34. Tim says:

    I was glad to hear (a couple posts earlier) that you’re not switching to iPad, and that Fractal is getting an upgrade. Both music to my ears! It was almost enough to overcome my disappointment at Pulse not being released for PC.

    I will definitely support Pulse anyway, and still look forward to your future games.

  35. Maff says:

    Mentioned it to the majority of my friends, and I’ve always been a fan of your games. It’s unfortunate that I don’t own an iPad, but here’s hoping you release for the iPod Touch, too.

  36. TripMX says:

    I purchased the game for my iPad2 and I’m really liking it alot, actually right from the start!! Very good job! Word of advice, as an experienced music gamer, please make sure that the majority of your music is original and various in genre types (don’t forget to create the occasional ‘boss’ song that from time to time AND don’t forget the occasional ‘really catchy’ song [be it boss or not]) to keep things nice and fresh. This game is already quite challenging, so we all have incentive to get good enough to master the game. The interface is slick and very minimalistic, which is cool, but maybe a couple of extra things could be added to the main menu in the future. Lastly, iOS runs this application flawlessly, so please by all means continue to utilize iOS to the max, and later of course, extend a branch to other operating systems. I see so much potential in Pulse: Volume One, so please don’t let it go to waste. Thank you very much!

  37. Khoa says:

    Gotta say I love all your games! Please keep making them. I’ve got Auditorium for iOS and PS3 and now I’ll be grabbing this for my iPad. 🙂 From the video demos I’ve seen it looks amazing!


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