Pulse is (a)live!

WOOOOOO! After grueling labor, sleepless nights, and hours of cursing under our breath, we gave one final sweaty, heavy push – and we’re proud to introduce our baby to the world! Pulse: Volume One (our third game!) is currently live, and available for purchase in the Apple App Store for 4.99 USD.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention:

Apple iPad Game of the Week! Hell yeah!


We’re thrilled. She’s beautiful. We want you all to see her, and cradle our baby in your very own arms. (It’s okay. We trust you. We know you’re great with kids.) Our switch to Unity was challenging, but we’re psyched at the outcome – it was a truly, truly satisfying experience to create our first iPad game with it. Now we can make new games faster, and for more platforms – so all our fans (especially the iPad-less) can enjoy the switch.

What else are we excited about? The artists we’re going to be showcasing, in-game. We’ll be featuring free updates with brand new songs, straight from some of Philadelphia’s most talented independent artists. Pulse’s updates will be pretty eclectic – ranging from nerdcore and chiptune, to electronica and metal. But, we want more music and a bigger musical range. Where are our submissions for Rock, Pop, and Classical? Get on that!

But most importantly, we need to thank some people – you, our fans.

We love you, we really do. None of our work is possible without your support and enthusiasm. Did we mention we love you? Because we do. And Pulse: Volume One? She loves you too.

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  1. Kieran says:

    Seems awesome 😀
    Well done getting App of the week! I hope it leads to great sales for you!

    Wish I could play it, but I recently upgraded my iphone and got a Nexus S. So hopefully y’all port it to Android some time ;p
    I don’t know that Unity supports Android though…

  2. Adam says:

    Wish i wasn’t a poor-ass non apple student. Life on the cheap is fun and all, but sad i can’t play this after how good auditorium and fractal were

  3. Katlinado says:

    What a great relief from the pressures of current day life. I can happily get lost playing this fabulous game.

  4. Harm says:

    Great stuff guys! Been playing it off and on for the past day or so and love it. Did up a a quick review on the site if you have time in all your fame.

    Can’t wait to see where you go.


  5. aL the Sad Pal says:

    Amazing game. Very clever use of rhythm mechanics coupled with music, and the simplicity of the iPad touch. You guys have done a stellar job coupling the right music and layering the difficulty level.

    I love your art style as well as all the attention to detail from the menuing system, intro screen, down all the way to the individual buttons explode.

    Definitely been recommended to everyone at work! 🙂

    Please add Game Center achievements….

  6. 5-Design Iris says:

    Now I really want an iPad.

    I told myself I wouldn’t do this – I wasn’t supposed to get attached, I was just going to let Pulse go. But she’s so pretty. I mean really, really beautiful (seriously, that control over color gradients, glow effects, and drop shadows just isn’t fair to the rest of us).

    I plan to get an iPad when I can afford to develop for one – until then I’ll just be playing along with the Gameplay footage on my phone. On that note, iPhone version could totally happen. Smaller screen, what would it require? Offset the active area (so we get one or two full rings and the rest bleed off the screen – we only see a portion of the arc). Then rework level design for each song to fit the smaller stage.

    Someday Pulse, someday.

  7. Didjeridug says:

    This is horrible, no not the game, that’s incredible! What’s horrible is that shortly after starting to play this game I seem to have disrupted time. I seem to have lost a complete hour! I think this game may be the end of all productivity for all those lost in the realm of the Pulse.

  8. RubyX says:

    Bought it yesterday, like it a lot!

    Although I seem to be having some issues with the game recognizing taps that aren’t there – at least it doesn’t seem like it should be possible to clear two close dots with a single finger tap, but that happens regularly (and is rather annoying, because it completely messes up my rhythm). Not sure if that’s a problem with the game, my iPad or if I just suck at the game 🙂

  9. Brian says:

    Another never-iOS type here. Hope this does well enough for you guys to get some more games on other platforms.

  10. Dave H says:

    I’ll buy it when it comes out for any platform that does not require me to buy overpriced apple hardware. Windows, flash, android .. please

  11. Kevin says:

    Hey guys, I downloaded Pulse and none of the music worked. I tried reinstalling and switching my iPad to “side switch controls mute” rather than “side switch controls orientation” and the combination fixed it. Just a data point. Congrats!

  12. trancekr says:

    I think it’s a good game overall. IMO, however, the later stages are too difficutlt to enjoy. I got the ‘easy to play and hard to master’ part. But it gets me really frustrated. I want to enjoy and relax when I play this type of game. Maybe I’m not good at this type of games. BTW I really want ‘Auditorium’ for iPad.

  13. Ben says:

    The game is really awesome! I love it!!! But for some reason now it’s frozen! Can’t play it anymore! Every time I start a song it gets stuck and doesn’t play any music either.. I’m on an IPad 2 and I bought the game it’s not a demo or something.. Any idea of what I should do?

  14. Mark says:

    I’ve just gotta say, pulse is definitely the best game I’ve seen you guys come up with, the difficulty curve is scarily steep, but the music is BEAUTIFUL. Any idea when there will be more levels?

  15. RubyX says:

    OK, After some more playing it seems less like incorrectly registering taps and more like I just need to tap more precisely. Disregard my earlier post then. 🙂

    Although I could swear that Cinder goes ever so slightly off sync near the end… Is that possible?

  16. Jerlad says:

    Agree with @tracker in the later stages are too difficult. It’s like finger Twister. I don’t think it’s about the frequency of the targets but where they show up and the direction the are moving.

    Great with my earbuds! Can’t wait to jack my iPad into the stereo!

  17. Tim Bonvallet says:

    This game is incredibly fun! I can’t wait to see some updates in the future. I have had a few problems with the application so. I’m a big fan of DDR, Elite Beat Agents, and Tap Tap Revenge, so I can usually pick out timing issues easily if there are any. The first problem I have is that Cinder gets off beat throughout the level (the ring gets ahead of the music near the end making it incredibly difficult to play to the beat; I did better when I muted the song and just played the notes based on the location of the ring). Also, there is a series of four notes that need to be played very quickly but they don’t line up with the music at all (the music plays a triplet and the game is asking for four input dots). The second problem I had is that I cannot score higher than 99% in Low Tide despite a perfect score (I have played the level through several times and every time I get the “New Score” message, it remains at 99%. Other than those two issues, I have nothing else to note.

    Great application, I wait patiently for more!

  18. Jacques says:

    Tried Pulse @Too Many Games.
    This is what a game should be: simple, brilliantly smart and beautiful.
    To the point that I am considering buying an Ipad just to play it.
    Any chances you make an IPhone version – PLEASE

  19. Saemi says:

    Quick question/suggestion.
    Would love the game, but the sound quality(esp if u miss a bubble) makes me cringe. Is that just me? Use it with high quality headphones. Since I didn’t see a support site after getting re-redirect from app store would be brilliant if you could respond via mail directly as this is quite disconcerting.

  20. Graham Bishop says:

    I just love the enchanting simplicity and yet feindish challenge.
    But much much much more important
    My 12 year old delightfuly daft autistic daughter picked this up in an instant and has been beating my scores on every level … And we both loved that.
    Many many thanks and keep it coming
    Ps you should connect with the guys that do aweditorium

    Best regards



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