It’s time for a new Game: Enter Pulse

Yay! Finally a new game! Well, we’re not quite there yet. But, it’s about time we at least tell you what we’ve been up to. The name of our new little baby is Pulse. She is a wonderful mix of music and rhythm game for the iPad. Rather than go on and on about her, though, we figured we would just show you her baby pictures and let you listen to her first words.

Who knows what darkness lurks in the hearts of men?

Since she’s all music oriented, it only seemed right to release a few singles as we gear up to launch. We’ve taken a little bit of a different approach here and released the first single “Porcelain Doll” on both iTunes and the Cipher Prime Store for $0.99. Porcelain Doll takes on an eerie tone, but don’t worry — we’ve got more kinds of music than a baby has moods. Pulse has a lot to say, and we plan on letting her!

We’re really happy with where this title is going and we’ll be releasing more info and audio as the weeks drag on. But, here’s that promised baby picture for you:

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  1. Weasel says:

    Sigh. Another developer jumping onto the portable “mobile” game platform. I truly mean no offense by that, because Auditorium and Fractal are two amazing games in which I wouldn’t have passed up for anything. However I don’t have an iPad, nor do I see any feasible use for one for myself. And more and more developers are starting to make games for the iPad, iPod, etc. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to bide my time and wait until your NEXT new game, haha. Cheers!

  2. Jayisgames says:

    The iPad ROCKS as a game machine, and I use it every day (and not only for playing games). I’m happy to see you developing for the platform, and I’m excited about Pulse! Good luck and godspeed to the app approval line! 🙂

  3. Simon says:

    Heh, I’m really happy for you, guys. Congratulations, and that’s a quite nice –and creepy– song. Nevertheless, I feel exactly the same as Weasel. I’ve been anxiously waiting for news about your new game, and, to my dissapointment, it is for the iPad, which I do not own nor plan to buy one. Guess we PC users will have to wait for your next new game 😛

    Keep up with the great work!

  4. Brandi says:

    This looks (and sounds) amazing, but alas… no iPad. No plans to buy one, and no cash to buy one even if I did have plans.

    Please tell me this is coming to a platform other than iOS?

  5. will
    will says:

    We’re going to take a big long look into making you guys a pc/mac build as well. I can’t guarantee it’ll be as fun, but we can certainly try our damnedest for you. Also, the next game won’t be that far off =)

  6. jeb says:

    Oh man, looks like a hit. That music was great–I felt like I was going to be playing a Jeunet film.

    Folks, quit yer pissin’ on the platform. iOS titles make money. Money makes more games. It’ll get back to you eventually.

  7. Dermoplasm says:

    Shame its only for the iPad. I love Auditorium and enjoyed he fractal game demo. If Pulse is ever released on PC I would assuredly by it.

    But I must say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your guys’ music. It is beautiful, subtle, and pure. Thank you guys so much

  8. Enagan says:

    I will join everyone else in saying: Please Cipher Prime make a PC/Mac version!
    I don’t have an Ipad and I’m not thinking of buying one but Pulse looks, and more importantly, sounds breathtaking and I would love to be able to play it when it’s out.

    Take in consideration the amount of PC/Mac fans when you discuss whether you should make a personal computer build or not!

  9. Simon says:

    I really with developers would be more open when developing for mobile platforms, seems like they all go straight to iDevices. I really don’t want to give Apple $800NZD for something I’ll primarily use as a gaming device. That’s more expensive than any other console. If you are going mobile, can you at least port it to another platform i.e android? i hate having things slowly pushed on me, and apple is notorious for doing just that.

  10. bejd says:

    I’m another of these non-iPad folks, so would love it if you got the time to make a desktop version. As jeb said though, iOS makes moneys. I think you guys deserve some of them Apple bucks after bringing me the glory that is Auditorium!

  11. Euphoria says:

    Damn, when will we see the Auditorium Soundtrack?
    I am sure, there are many people who could buy it, but we haven’t chance to do it 🙁

  12. ASM826 says:

    If you don’t port this to the PC, your sales will be very restricted. I don’t own any MAC products and would not buy one just for a game.

  13. Nancy says:

    Don’t have an iPad, don’t want one. Add another voice to the chorus of hope that you will release this for more than just the iPad platform. I’m not buying an iPad just to play your game, and it doesn’t do anything else that I want it to do that I don’t already have something else that does it better.

  14. Wendy says:

    joining the non iPad chorus. I love your games, but I’ll never get an iPad, since I’m also a content creator and not simply a content user (and iPads are really geared for content delivery, not development).

    However, I DO have other input devices besides a mouse and keyboard….

  15. Sean says:

    So if this is being developed for the iPad, does that mean it will work on my iphone 4? (I was never able to see the point in carrying around an oversized iphone without phone functionality)

  16. Terry says:

    Non-iPad here. If you’re thinking about $$$, then it makes sense to make version for both PC/Mac and iPad. PC gamers out number iPad-ers by multiples of THOUSANDS – adds up to big bucks, good profit. Doesn’t make sense to restrict the market to the latest new toy – rather elitist – which doesn’t soumd like you guys ion the least.

    Add the iPad game, but keep the PC game!

  17. Nick says:

    Don’t have an ipad, will never support apple.

    How about Android?

    Full touch-screen support, and an even larger installed-base than ipad can offer…

  18. WannaRace says:

    Why only for iPad? Why not also a PC/Mac version?
    I don’t have an iPad and not going to plonk money down for one just to play Pulse.

  19. tzatyl says:

    +1 for “I would buy this if it were for a pc”—I was superexcited to see the email, equally disappointed to see the ipad part.

  20. frederick says:

    Making a game for iPad only sucks.

    The iPad is an expensive toy, but not really useful (at least for me) because Apple decided to close it up just like the iPhone.

    How is it everyone just agrees to the fact that Apple takes so much money from artists and developers? Are

    The i-Tunes store is the most expensive per song, but artists get less money per track than with quite a few of the cheaper stores.

    Same with the App Store. Apple takes 30% of the price.

    I mean, I really like my Macbook Pro, but I’ve also really grown a dislike for Apple (and their annoying horde of Fanboyz) over the last years.

  21. Johnny says:

    OK then – thanks for emailing me & trying to sell me some music I don’t need, and telling me about a game that you’re not releasing yet. Whoo – yeah – marketing rocks.

  22. Jeffrey says:

    Initial impression when I received the email was immense. then I scanned the top of the page and I saw iPad release. Note everyone wants an iPad.

    My second thought was perhaps give it time they will port it to another system.

    Let’s listen to the music. Great…….ARRGGGGhhhhhhh!!!!! What in the world were you guys thinking in releasing a sample of the music with such horrible static!!! I had to pause it a few times just to make sure it was your sample….it is!!! Had to grit my teeth together to get through the sample. For those of you that can’t hear the static….don’t bother to comment on my response. that says it all.

  23. Nicholas Conrad says:

    …so yeah, is there any way I can subscribe to only the non-ios updates? I love your games, but hate apple more. only send me email when you release a game for pc plz.

  24. Ken says:

    I was on-hand for the Fractal demo at FITES. I bought Fractal asap when it came out. I also bought Auditorium, despite it being browser-only. I liked the fact that I could play them anytime, anywhere.

    I don’t like the fact that the i-products are so locked down (and I’m just not a fan of apple) and won’t ever be buying anything with the name “I.”

    If you were to release this for multiple platforms, I’d probably buy it.

  25. Harlan says:

    I do have an iPad, and I am looking forward to what y’all can do with it. Auditorium and Fractal have both done great things with sounds, visuals and game interfaces. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  26. Huntor says:

    Don’t own an iPad, nor do I plan to, but that’s cool.

    And why is it that there is already a single available from this game that isn’t even finished being produced, yet I am still waiting on the Auditorium soundtrack to be released…?

  27. Anova says:

    I liked the music, but I wouldn’t buy an iPad just for one game. When is the Auditorium soundtrack coming out? I’ve been waiting to buy that one for months now!

  28. Barny says:

    Frankly, I’m getting to dislike the direction Cipher Prime is taking recently. I understand you are trying to open toward the tablets (from business aspect and assuming you have something to do with the touch sensitive interface), but focusing only on iPad and excluding Android is just nothing but locking out a significant part of your current fans. Big companies may tend to switch their targeted platforms based on the trends, however I hope CP is still an indie studio which cares about its fans and in exchange we (the fans) try to support you as much as possible (and to the extent our wallet allows it).

    So in my humble opinion you should release Pulse to iPad and Android, later to be followed by a PC port (I believe there will be plenty of people who own neither of the above devices, capable to run Pulse). Yes, will wrote above that “going to take a big long look into making you guys a pc/mac build”, but this is just the same what we got concerning the Auditorium soundtrack; some vague promises. As far as I know there was not a single, direct communication toward us when and how should we expect the Auditorium soundtrack, while I’m pretty sure there are lots of people waiting to buy it. It’s ok that CP is a smaller developer (with limited resources) and cannot allow to have too many irons in the fire, just as I write above…it would be nice to know that you care about what we want. In the case of the Auditorium soundtrack you don’t care, since we are crying out for a while for it, seemingly there is no point in it.

    I tried to be as polite as possible, I’m really not mad at you guys, just a bit concerned about what (and how) you are doing now. Take care!

  29. dain
    dain says:

    The static you’re hearing is a vinyl effect; it may be louder on your speakers than I’d intended, so sorry for that.


    Thanks for the comments, questions, and concerns. We’re really happy to know that you guys care enough about what we do to let us know. We know you guys are worried about our direction, but I want to let you know that Pulse is only a small part of our gameplan for 2011. In the interest of transparency, we’ll be putting together a pretty detailed post so you can see exactly where we’re going.

    As far as the Auditorium soundtrack, it is currently being worked on. I’m not going to sell you :45 second loops and call it an album, that simply wouldn’t be fair.

    So bear with us. More info is soon to come.

  30. Barny says:


    Thanks for the reply! It’s good to know that we will receive the Auditorium soundtrack sooner or later, and the details about the further plans are muchly appreciated.

  31. Neil says:

    A disappearing market? Are you serious? The app store is THE PLACE any developer would want his/her applications. However, limiting the game to just the iPad and excluding iPhones and iPod Touches isn’t cool.
    (In case anyone’s confused, it looks like there are 2 Neils here XD)

  32. Tim says:

    I too would buy this in an instant if for PC. I dearly hope that the developers take into consideration the opinions of myself and other actual customers who have bought their products and want to continue doing so. Switching straight to another platform is a surefire way to alienate the portion of your fan/customer base who do not own the system, especially after creating two spectacular games like Fractal and Auditorium.

    I am not against development for the iPad. I have nothing against Apple nor any other platforms or companies. However, I am against abrupt decisions to change platforms without focusing primary attention on the platforms that have been gaining attention via existing games. It is clearly going to be a disappointment to non-iPad users, it seems a critical miss to not even address such an issue with an announcement post like this.

    Regardless, I still support Cipher Prime and think they do stellar work. I will continue to buy the games they release for PC, and will continue to be disappointed by games they do not release for PC.

  33. Skeenis says:

    I’m with pretty much everyone else on here. LOVE the games, true supporter of CipherPrime, really look forward to Pulse, but don’t have an iPad. I can definitely see how the iPad is a great platform for games such as this, but exclusivity doesn’t usually promote growth. Either way, I will still suggest to my friends that do have an iPad. Keep up the great work.

  34. Harlan Sheppard says:

    Dear Cipher Prime,

    To hell with your current fans, the likes of which complain at length about their lack of iPads. You’ll find better, more profitable ones in the App Store. I like your stuff and believe it’s your damn business where to release such fine games.

  35. Stomatopodal Pride says:

    to Cipher Prime—
    while I do not believe that it would be your obligation as a studio to continue working for the platform you launched your starting products on, I must admit that in my individual capacity I do feel sorry about it. (In honesty, I still anticipate a PC port of Auditorium HD—and even a solution to the original title’s lack of multiple-save ability.)
    In this sense, I would appreciate a sincere statement about your current intentions and plans; furthermore, how these might change upon different developments of the upcoming quarters.

    regards, and best wishes to your studio.

    I suppose that this suggestion has already been made and incongruous number of times, yet allow me to iterate it: have you considered Steam as a distribution platform? The amount of visibility it grants to independent productions can be excellent, and its user pool is easily one of the most desirable.

  36. Thomas says:

    Essentially breathtaking game and concept, absolutely astonishing music and for a third time you’ve managed to release a game that redefines music-based games again.
    Sadly your ruining any chance of actually doing anything with it by making it Ipad only, but it’s your fanbase you want to lose 😛

  37. Amanda says:

    Wow. People are so whiny! I was able to demo this game at the IGDA event this week, and I think it’s pretty fair to say that this game is PERFECT for the iPad and would maybe not be so great for other platforms.
    Don’t worry, Cipher Primates, if you “lose your fan base” because you made one game on a platform that they choose not to buy, they probably weren’t that great of a fan base to begin with. And then there are the millions you are going to make from putting this game on the iPad which is really the only platform for such an awesome concept. Sorry haters.

  38. Warp says:

    Amanda > “you made one game on a platform that they choose not to buy”. A lot of people don’t have enough money to buy an iPad. And that’s not by choice.

    Those people aren’t whiny, they just blame that they’ll be unable to play this Cipher Prime title, because their games are great and cheap (unlike an iPad, which cost an arm).

    The game looks great, by the way.

  39. Prime Lover says:

    Would love it if they had this for iPod touch. Loved fractal demo and Auditorium game. Will probably buy fractal soon. Thanks for the hard work and great games Cipher!!!


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