Fractal and Pulse in Humble Bundle! Get ’em!

Hey folks! In case you haven’t already heard, you can pick up Fractal and Pulse in the Humble Bundle with Android 6. What’s more, this is the first time Fractal and Pulse have been available on Android! So yeah: save mad loot while getting seven award-winning, cross-platform games and their soundtracks. Jump on this crazy trove of awesome while it lasts!

Check out the bundle!

Fractal and Pulse in Humble Bundle for Android 6


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  1. Marc says:

    Pulse is an awesome game. Thanks a lot for making it and putting it in the humble bundle. 🙂 It’s impossible to get the simultaneous notes on a 7″ tablet, though. It’s just too small. Not sure if there’s a way to improve on that … But regardless, it’s great fun! 🙂

  2. keal says:

    Pulse for Android. Thank you very much!

    Very nice, stylish game, which I say is the best Cipher Prime game to date. I enjoy the microscopic, organic music (I’m a big fan of Tetsu Inoue and all the artists on the lineup) and this game on my Galaxy Tab is a great way to test all my friends who are self-professed music afficionados. Amazing how no one can keep a beat in Pulse!

    Keep the abstract music games coming, along with the stellar soundtracks.

    And thanks again for putting your games in the Humble Bundles! I buy your games from your site when it’s not in the bundles, and I buy all the Android bundles, so between those, I think I’ll be keeping up with all your games.

    Cheers, and howzit from the island of Maui 🙂

  3. Mettanine says:

    This is an awesome game. So much fun. It’s a little small on a 7″ android tablet, though. Hitting multiple notes simultaneously, as necessary on some tracks, is basically impossible, especially in the middle.

    Still, it’s a lot of fun, thanks a lot for making it available. 🙂

  4. BigBonsai says:

    Got it. 🙂

    Installed Fractal on Linux (Mint 13). Runs smoooooooth! 🙂 Unfortunately I cannot see any way to change settings. How do i change resolution? Change from windowed to full screen?

  5. Nico says:

    Thank you for bring Pulse for Android!
    It’s one of the best rythm games that I could play so far.
    I know that you just released Pulse, but you have here a costumer ready to buy Pulse: Volume 2 if you planed to release some day.
    Keep it up your great work!


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