Introducing the Moving Sale!

As some of you know, we’ve been trying to move for a long time. Our old office had no AC, no heat, lots of bugs, and was generally just too small. Goodbye 160 sq ft; Hello 1000sq ft!!

Not only is this upgrade amazing, the rent is just about the same. However, moving always costs a lot of money and we really want to hire on another employee. So, the answer is clear… WE MUST FUNDRAISER!

In the old days, we took donations for Auditorium and were able to stay true with our promises and make it into a fully developed title. Now, it’s on the web, iPhone, iPad, and coming soon to the PS3, XBox360, and PSP! This time, we’ll be offering both Auditorium and Fractal for 50% off, lowering both titles to $4.99 for two weeks. This special moving sale promo will end on July 30th, so act fast! You will also receive a free audio track with either purchase during the sale. With Auditorium comes Autumn, our first single. Fractal comes with Iterate!, Fractal’s theme song.

Now, we must ask you all for your support (trust me, it means a lot). Here are some of the great ways you can help us keep making amazing titles.

  1. Tell your friends and family we exist! Get them to play Fractal or Auditorium, tell them we’re a small team. Pass on our great luck story.
  2. Write to your favorite magazine, forum, or gaming site and tell them you’d like to see some info on our games. Press is so hard for us and we really rely heavily on word of mouth. So, if you can… put in a good word!
  3. Grab a copy of Fractal or Auditorium for 50% before the sale ends on July 30th.
  4. Grab an Audio track for $0.99 if you already own Fractal or Auditorium. Get Autumn (Auditorium). Get Iterate! (Fractal).
  5. Write us! Tell us who you are, what you liked, what you hated. We want to get to know you. You’re here, so you mean a lot to us already.
  6. Subscribe to our Mailing List, RSS Feed, or follow us on Twitter so you can know when our new titles start coming out. You’ll also be notified about upcoming indie game bundles!
  7. Beyond anything else, enjoy!

If you did anything on this list or even thought about it, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We’ve made it over two years with the support of the community and we cannot thank you enough!

You are all rock stars. Namaste.

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  1. Lev says:

    I purchased Fractal. I’m glad I can contribute to your costs. Hopefully, this will allow you to make more of those beautiful games you’ll be known for (already are, for me).

  2. J04NNY8 says:

    Hi guys. Congrats on the growth! I’ve shared this page with all of my Buzzy friends so hopefully they will be coming in and scooping theyselves some auditorium magic.

    – J04NNY

  3. will
    will says:

    Autumn is actually a track in Auditorium. Checkout the demo levels =) Completely different level sets from the full game.

  4. Neil says:

    nope. no autumn act in auditorium. i checked the demo and the full version. demo levels are only hajimemashite, winter, spring, and preview (rain in the full version)
    so where is this mysterious act?

  5. Barry Owen says:

    Any chance of ordering more than one copy of more than one game at a time? I’m on a Mac, using Firefox, and I’d like to order two copies of each game, one set for me and one for my kid. I hate to do four card transactions when one will do. I think it costs you more, too.

  6. will
    will says:

    It was origianlly in the demo as the last preview act =)

    @Michael Chang
    You’ll see the track in your CP Store account page as a gift after you had logged in with your account.

  7. Roger says:

    I was going to buy both Auditorium and Fractal in a single transaction, as I’m purchasing in the UK, but your cart doesn’t allow me to add a second item! Am I wrong, or do you need to fix this?
    Awaiting a solution. Thankyou.

  8. will
    will says:

    @ Roger / everyone
    As of right now, we can’t do multiple items during checkout. I apologize, it’s something we’re working on right now. =)

  9. will
    will says:

    @Anyone not seeing free tracks after purchase
    We’ll be sending all those out at the end of the sale for anyone who did not receive them immediately for some strange reason.

  10. ed says:

    Love Auditorium.

    Would love it even more if i could take it and play where i don’t have an internet connection. Or how about a DS version? (don’t own a PSP, but if I can get Auditorium for it, i may have to get one) It is such a great game, I purchased it anyway!

    Just got done playing the demo of Fractal and will probably be buying it later tonight.

    Painfully addictive games!

    Keep it up!

    Looking forward to pics of the old and the new spaces.

    Thanks for such incredibly well done games!!!

  11. William says:

    Any chance of a downloadable version of Auditorium later? It’s the only thing that’s putting me off buying it. Getting Fractal right now though 🙂

  12. Neil says:

    why isn’t auditorium being ported to the wii? 🙁
    the wii is actually the best platform for auditorium! since u can move the controls around with ur wiimote. also wiiware is THE place for indie games!

  13. Arhey says:

    Nice to hear, that soundtrack is on the way.
    I can’t wait till it’s out and gonna buy it directly!
    I realy love the music from auditorium 🙂

    How about adding the demo levels to the full game? 😮

  14. HSalgo says:

    I am also not seeing the free tracks promised in the purchase of these games. It appears that the songs must still be purchased separately. Is this the case?

  15. Jeffmakesgames says:

    I own both Fractal and Auditorium (I bought them both at full price) and even bought both mp3s. It’s very good stuff.

    I can’t wait to see what more can be done for Auditorium. 😀

  16. Tim says:

    @Dan M
    I couldn’t agree more, I’ve jsut got Audiotorium at the moment, and I absolutely love it. Great work guys

    I also didn’t get the single, but “will” has made a previous post regarding it, see following

    “@Anyone not seeing free tracks after purchase We’ll be sending all those out at the end of the sale for anyone who did not receive them immediately for some strange reason.” will

  17. Florelene says:

    I also didn’t see the free track… therefore i am hoping for a solution after the sale. pleeeease – i really want this track!!! 🙂

  18. Kevin says:

    Great work guys. Please create more levels for Auditorium for purchase on itunes. Also, I would recommend doing more with your facebook to get the word out there too. I’m officially fan #4 and I think it is a easy free way to promote the product to another audience. Throw some screen shots in the photos sections and then link out to the game websites.

  19. thenameipicked says:

    Hey…after you guys move in, you should create an update to Auditorium (or maybe Auditorium 2???), that includes a level editor. Then the users can either use pre-seperated tracks that come with the game, or add their own, to create new levels.

  20. Andres says:

    Hi there… I love your work, I bought auditorium is awesome…

    I loved your old website to… is there any link i can see it again? I want to do something similar for my personal blog.

    Have fun and luck in your new place!


  21. will
    will says:

    @Andres and Neil
    I’m not really sure..I’m on the fence. If anybody wants to give me a critique I would love it!

  22. Neil says:

    The old blog looked a little boring (besides the cool flash banner). otherwise the new site looks great. I like how the blog blends into the cipherprime website. before it was two completely separate sites. Also I’m not sure what font this is but I like it. I think that the CP homepage should have something other than the most recent blog post (unless it’s a very important post). The CP store still isn’t much of a store. It’s more like a locker since you sign in to get your stuff. A store should have items to buy. I’d be nice to see some Auditorium and Fractal merchandise on the CP store (like tshirts and stuff).

  23. Bula says:

    Awesome! Glad to contribute to your move. Funny thing, we are also in Old City. Always admired the CP talent. Can’t wait to see what y’all compose next.


  24. Tim A. says:

    I buyed Auditorium,and i love it,but im really sad.because i must play it online,no download 🙁 i thinked i can download it and play it offline…..

  25. joe says:

    great game, wholly recommended.
    my one question is how do i go about getting my scores online? i don’t see any “sync” button, or any other sort of option. i don’t recall a readme file coming with this… help please!



  26. Frank says:

    @joe, as far as I know saving the scores online goes fully automated (as long as you have a connection of course). No input or whatsoever needed.


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