Halloween Sale! Get our games for 60% off on Steam!


Hey guys! Get your copy of Auditorium, Fractal, Splice, or Intake for the cost of a cup of coffee as a part of Steam’s Halloween sale! Now’s the perfect time to pick up a copy for yourself or a friend. And remember—the full version of Auditorium is still available to play for free online until October 31st!

As always, thanks for supporting us! We couldn’t do this without you!

Fractal and Pulse in Humble Bundle! Get ’em!

Hey folks! In case you haven’t already heard, you can pick up Fractal and Pulse in the Humble Bundle with Android 6. What’s more, this is the first time Fractal and Pulse have been available on Android! So yeah: save mad loot while getting seven award-winning, cross-platform games and their soundtracks. Jump on this crazy trove of awesome while it lasts!

Check out the bundle!

Fractal and Pulse in Humble Bundle for Android 6


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Introducing the Moving Sale!

As some of you know, we’ve been trying to move for a long time. Our old office had no AC, no heat, lots of bugs, and was generally just too small. Goodbye 160 sq ft; Hello 1000sq ft!!

Not only is this upgrade amazing, the rent is just about the same. However, moving always costs a lot of money and we really want to hire on another employee. So, the answer is clear… WE MUST FUNDRAISER!

In the old days, we took donations for Auditorium and were able to stay true with our promises and make it into a fully developed title. Now, it’s on the web, iPhone, iPad, and coming soon to the PS3, XBox360, and PSP! This time, we’ll be offering both Auditorium and Fractal for 50% off, lowering both titles to $4.99 for two weeks. This special moving sale promo will end on July 30th, so act fast! You will also receive a free audio track with either purchase during the sale. With Auditorium comes Autumn, our first single. Fractal comes with Iterate!, Fractal’s theme song.

Now, we must ask you all for your support (trust me, it means a lot). Here are some of the great ways you can help us keep making amazing titles.

  1. Tell your friends and family we exist! Get them to play Fractal or Auditorium, tell them we’re a small team. Pass on our great luck story.
  2. Write to your favorite magazine, forum, or gaming site and tell them you’d like to see some info on our games. Press is so hard for us and we really rely heavily on word of mouth. So, if you can… put in a good word!
  3. Grab a copy of Fractal or Auditorium for 50% before the sale ends on July 30th.
  4. Grab an Audio track for $0.99 if you already own Fractal or Auditorium. Get Autumn (Auditorium). Get Iterate! (Fractal).
  5. Write us! Tell us who you are, what you liked, what you hated. We want to get to know you. You’re here, so you mean a lot to us already.
  6. Subscribe to our Mailing List, RSS Feed, or follow us on Twitter so you can know when our new titles start coming out. You’ll also be notified about upcoming indie game bundles!
  7. Beyond anything else, enjoy!

If you did anything on this list or even thought about it, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We’ve made it over two years with the support of the community and we cannot thank you enough!

You are all rock stars. Namaste.