It’s facelift time. Set your mind on Fire.

We’re at a point now where we’ve seen trends come and pass and we’ve seen different markets rise and fall. It’s a deeply interesting and scary thing to swim in, because we need to constantly reinvent ourselves to stay afloat. And today, we’re unfurling the sails of our new ship.

Welcome to the new home of Cipher Prime. We’re hoping our new site helps people play our games better, faster, harder, and stronger. We find most people who know one of our games have no idea we make others, so we’re hoping we’ve solved that problem! If we didn’t, maybe our homepage can just inspire a few people. In any case, thanks so much for taking a look, and leave us any feedback you can offer!

To celebrate this change, we have decided to make Auditorium ( our first title ) free online for 1 month. If you’d like to play offline, you’ll still need to pony up that sweet $10. Additionally, we’ve added a new page for Auditorium Duet and updated the Splice content to reflect our pending release on PS4 and PS3.  Checkout the new Splice trailer!

Cipher Prime is changing, but we want you to be a part of it. Will is about to embark on a cross-country bicycle trip with some fellow developers. You can follow his development at Dain has a new album coming out called, “Android Soul” that should release within the next few months. As always, you can follow @willstall, @dainsaint, or @cipherprime for more Auditorium Duet and Game Jam footage.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Calucha says:

    Hello guys,
    really nice design and i am looking forward to see Auditorium Duet 🙂

    Just one question, you promised us, that you will release Auditorium soundtrack at one point, but so much time is gone since then, can we expect to see it any day? I really love the music from this game and could pay for it with no doubt!


  2. Aura says:

    Hey Cipher Prime people!

    Will check out everything in detail later, but at first glance, it looks good.

    I’m trying to spread the love for Auditorium, but here’s the problem. The game doesn’t load to play it.
    After the intro and the Act 1 sign that fades in and out, it gets stuck and there’s nth to interact with.

    Please look into it a.s.a.p.


  3. Nobuntu says:

    I just saw it. Oh dear oh dear.And worst of all, it had a lame stepfather! Oh, they ‘tried’ to make him seem like a nice egunoh guy, but: The audience was meant to find him irritating He was a plastic surgeon, a vocation that was none-so-subtly implied in the script as one that mostly comes about because a bloke is fixated on women’s boobs. The loser real dad was actually preferable (even though on numerous occasions throughout the movie he continued to screw up parenting for his kids) The wife loved him ‘enough’ (in her words) He was goofy He was ultimately expendable The son was just under the wrong impression about his real dad, as was emphasised by the male-bonding ‘free the jammed door’ sequence at the end.Friggin’ hell.


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