Chapin Chiming In

Hey, Everyone! Aaron Chapin, here. I’m the new Lead Developer at Cipher Prime!

With the addition of myself, the studio is now up to five developers. My role is to help organize and plan the development process, and keep us on track for reaching development goals and deadlines. For the past three years, I worked as a Gameplay Programmer at another Philadelphia game studio called Burst Online, where we made web-based MMO Flash games. Much like Will and Dain, I started out working in Flash and am now making the jump to Unity!

My goal, now that I’m here, is to help build up our team’s skills, and to get us working faster and more efficiently. Unlike the others, I’m the only one who went to school for programming. I have both a BS and MS in Computer Science from Drexel University, also located here in Philly. The expectation is that someone with a bit more formal training will have the necessary knowledge and ability to carry the team in cases that would otherwise cause weeks of downtime for R&D. Less downtime means earlier releases, more features, and more time to play StarCraft. (Don’t worry, I’ll try not to let StarCraft distract me too much.)

I’m excited to be here, and I can’t wait to show you guys all the cool stuff we’re working on!

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