Live Performance at Naked Chocolate!

Totally not the piano I’m gonna play on.

For those of you near Philly, I’ll be performing solo piano at the Naked Chocolate in Center City at 18th and Chestnut next Thursday, July 23rd from 8pm to 10pm. I’ll be playing selections from Auditorium, some original improvisational pieces, and a couple previews of songs I’m working on for our new projects. Come on down and hang out with us! Will’s gonna be there handing out some Auditorium swag. And tons of chocolate. I don’t think I can emphasize how much chocolate these people have. I recommend the Mexican hot chocolate, but hey, I like spicy things.

On a side note, since someone keeps pestering us (I’m looking at you, hipster glasses…), we’ve finally bitten the bullet and gotten a Twitter account, so those of you that want to keep up with us every waking hour of every day can finally do so in a socially acceptable manner by visiting

And finally, following on the theme of eroding personal boundaries, we’ve added an Upcoming Events list to our sidebar, which lists events on our public iCal, which you can also feel free to subscribe to. Take that, Internet! Hope to see you next Thursday!

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