Cipher Prime Announces the Moving Sale Fundraiser

A new office, strong software, better equipment, and a few more hands on deck. After two years of business, Cipher Prime needs to step its game up. And because we’d just as soon get a loan from a bank as we would from a loan shark, we’re doing this the old fashioned way: throwing a fundraiser.

From July 15th until July 30th, Cipher Prime is offering Auditorium and Fractal for a scant $4.99. On top of that, anyone who purchases a game will receive a free audio track from that title.

The guys at Cipher Prime aren’t the only ones getting new digs. A new design for the Cipher Prime website has been launched at Our old site focused on Cipher Prime, the Interactive Agency; the new one heralds Cipher Prime, the Game Company. We love what we do, and we aren’t gonna quit any time soon.

We’ve gotten where we are today because of the support of our fans – no savings, no loans, no problem! If patronage of the arts was good enough to support the likes of Galileo and da Vinci, it’s more than good enough for a couple of Philly guys trying to make cool games. So check out the Moving Sale, and we’ll see you at the new office!


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About Cipher Prime

Cipher Prime Studios, Inc., is a small independent studio based in Philadelphia. 2009 saw the release of their debut game Auditorium win many awards such as Most Creative Game of the Year Award by Mochi Media, 2nd Best Browser Game of All Time by Tech Crunch, and many other awards. They are committed to empowering other developers by sharing business knowledge and helping grow the independent developer community.