Fractal Site Live!

We’re pleased to announce the official site for Fractal is finally live! We’ve been working on this baby for eight months now, and we can’t wait to let you guys get your hands on it. Where Auditorium was much more experience, Fractal is definitely more game, and any puzzle fanatic with a penchant for combos and cascades will feel right at home. We’ve still brought our own flavor to the genre by introducing:

  • Multi-dimensional gameplay, where you create and control pieces in up to six directions at once.
  • Dynamic difficulty adjustment, so the game stays at your ideal challenge level.
  • A new reactive music system called MusicBox, that composes music on the fly based on how you play.

Head on over to to check the trailer and get more details on the game! More info about release dates/platforms will be available soon on both the blog and Fractal site. Oh yeah, don’t forget we also have an RSS and Twitter feed for easy push updates. Stay tuned!


You may have noticed we haven’t had a lot of posts recently. We have a whole ton of great news regarding Auditorium that we’ll be able to discuss soon. Also, we’d gone into hiding so we could wrap up our latest title, Fractal. We’re not totally finished, but we were able to get a pretty amazing, workable version entered into this years IGF! We have our fingers crossed and hope she can keep up with all the RIDICULOUSLY CREATIVE ENTRIES.

We were at the GXL Unleashed event this weekend and were able to show off Fractal and the response was great. Not only did we see a lot of people playing an arcade game for hours at a time, we were also able to make some really crucial game changes based on the feedback. Thank you so much GXL for having us at the event. We can’t wait for next years big LAN!

Stay tuned — we’ll be throwing up more info concerning Auditorium and Fractal soon. The next couple of weeks should be very interesting indeed!