Fractal: The Return of the Bloom.

As always, when Cipher Prime goes radio silent, it’s usually because we’re working on something awesome.

Or playing Starcraft II in a rum-and-whiskey fueled haze. Which, to be fair, is also awesome.

First, we deal with the rumours. Yes, we are working on a new title! No, I’m not telling you anything about it yet. Yes, Pulse is getting new tracks! No, you can’t hear them yet.

What I can tell you is that Fractal, in all its Unity-powered-3d-accelerated glory, is coming to your Mac via the Mac App Store and the Cipher Prime Store right the #$%! now for $6.99. As always, if you purchase directly from us, we get 100% of the proceeds!

So much has changed since Fractal originally came out I don’t even know where to begin. We’ve rebalanced Campaign mode so that you can start from any level. We rebalanced Arcade mode so that it’s fun and challenging. We’ve updated our graphics and smoothed out the engine so the game runs, crisp, clean, and beautiful — even at full-screen, 1680×1050. New drum loops, crisper strings, cleaner sounds — this Fractal is the real deal.

Now as we said before, if you already own Fractal, you will get this desktop upgrade totally gratis. Just log into your account at and get to downloading! You can also get Iterate!, the official theme from Fractal, from our music page, for 99 cents; this also includes the contemplative reprise that appears in the menu screens.

As for Steam? It’s coming, I promise. No seriously. We are this close.


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  1. Alex says:

    Soo exited for the Steam version of Fractal, I’ll definitely buy it! How about Auditorium on Steam?
    I hope you get to release your new game soon. It sounds very interesting.

  2. Neil says:

    So do the people who already purchased Fractal get a Steam key for free? Or is the Steam version going to be separate? Also, I set the resolution to 2560×1440 (my current iMac display resolution) and graphics to Fantastic, but the individual Fractal tiles are still somewhat pixely.

  3. Matt McLaughlin says:

    I purchased Fractal many months ago. I have both a desktop and laptop. My desktop is showing it’s age. Running Fractal on it wasn’t really a great experience. That’s mostly due to my screen resolution (1920×1080). It’s just super slow and switching resolutions just to play Fractal was a pain in the butt. I just downloaded and installed the latest version. OMG!!!! It’s so much faster now! The windowed mode is awesome (since I don’t have change resolutions anymore). I even tried it in full screen mode and it’s not perfect but it’s at least 5 times faster then before. So I must say kudos and keep the great work.

  4. Neil says:

    I see you guys removed cheats. XD
    Also, it’s kinda obvious that this was designed for the iPad/touch screens. In the scoreboard view, you can scroll only by clicking down on the screen and dragging up or down. Also so the way the arrows on the fractal tiles follow the cursor.

  5. Neil says:

    Oh, and the pause button at the top of the screen (sorry for double post). Could you guys update the game to be more computer-friendly rather than touch-friendly? I can’t even press esc to pause. Gotta click the pause button at the top of the screen.

  6. Carighan says:

    I love your games (ever since Auditorium), I just wish there was a way to play them on the Galaxy S II I own. Do you by chance plan to (ever, in the future) support Android systems? 🙁

  7. alinax says:

    Your games are great! I’m looking forward to see new types of interactions such as gestures. For the moment being, I think that touching is good enough.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. will
    will says:

    On Steam and Auditorium. We are currently looking into the possibilities of an Auditorium 2 for Steam with Multiplayer and Level Editing Features. Most likely, we’ll need to do a kickstarter to make that puppy happen.


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