Fractal now $0.99 for one day only!

Things are really starting to come together at Cipher Prime.

Thanks to you, we’ve got one of the top 10 music games on the iPad. We’ve got a great new work schedule that’s keeping us fed, rested, and sane. I think I actually saw Will eat a vegetable the other day. And to top it off? Fractal for iPad is done.

That’s right. Fractal : Make Blooms Not War hits iTunes tomorrow, Thursday, August 18th!

So here’s the deal. On Thursday morning, we’re moving the official Fractal website from to its new home here at When we do that, you won’t be able to purchase the legacy desktop version anymore. Why? Well, as previously mentioned, we’re taking all of the enhancements we gained by porting Fractal to Unity and taking it straight to the desktop. Also, as previously mentioned, if you already own the legacy desktop version of Fractal, you will get upgraded to the new version absolutely free.

Here’s the fun bit. We’ve been so stoked about this re-release, we figured it’s time invite more people to the Fractal family. And that means it’s sale time.

From now until Thursday morning, you’ll be able to purchase the legacy version of Fractal for only $0.99.

And yes. If you purchase Fractal during the sale, you will get the upgraded PC/Mac version when it is released — free. Think of it as a pre-pre-order. So head on over to the store! I guarantee — you won’t be disappointed.


P.S. Oh yeah. Fractal is coming to Steam. I don’t think we mentioned that before.

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  1. Susan Daniels says:

    I just purchased Fractal about 15 min. ago and I see no email with my redemtion code, also, I have forgotten my password for Cypher Prime. I requested it but the screen I requested it on doesn’t allow me to submit the request. I tried “enter” but nothing happened. PLEASE help.

  2. Bryce says:

    I am a long time fan of yours and I would love to “pre-order” Fractal, but I am unclear whether if buy Fractal now, will I get the iPad version as well as the PC version?

  3. dain
    dain says:

    @Bryce If you buy Fractal during the sale, you’ll get the current PC/Mac version, and you’ll get upgraded to the new PC/Mac version once it’s released. The iPad version is a separate purchase. Hope that clears thing up!

  4. Dan Hettrick says:

    Very exciting re: Fractal. Thanks for taking care of the fans who already purchased. Don’t have an iPad, but have a fancy-shmancyy Android tablet if you are looking for a free beta test of Android versions of Fractal, Pulse, or shiny unannounced titles (hope hope hope).
    Keep up the awesome work, guys!

  5. D-side says:

    Just arrived from a summer trip and saw such a surprise 🙂
    I’ve been playing Auditorium for quite a while, so for me not to grab this game would be strange.
    BTW, experienced no problems during buying. Got my redemtion code several seconds after payment…

  6. William says:

    Dayyyumn, never had any money in my card until today. Just went to try and buy it there, and it’s just linking to my account, not the game… Guessing I’ve left it too late? XD

  7. RubyX says:

    Just bought it on my iPad 2. It’s actually pretty hard to find since there’s so many things called “Fractal” in the store.
    Anyway, it looks great, definitely smoother than the Flash version!
    Can’t shake the feeling that something’s wrong with the music though. The individual tracks that make up the music don’t seem to sync up properly.

  8. Dan says:

    Perhaps it’s using the same Engine as Pulse. Still waiting for a fix, and rapidly losing interest in playing the same levels when they’re buggy.

  9. Brian says:

    Like William, I have been trying to buy it all day, but just get linked to my account and can’t find the game. Bugger. I was looking forward to that… 🙁


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