It’s Update Time!

So, now that our little baby has been unleashed into the wild we’ve been able to find a few of those silly bugs. We have also had plenty of feedback on the updating system and have changed over to a much better method. Unfortunately, that fix will not be present until you upgrade. In no particular order, here are the currently fixed bugs in v1.0.1:

  • Score Loading Bug – Scores were not always loading properly, resulting in what looked like a loss of data. If you had this bug you will now be able to see scores saved previously.
  • Resolution Positioning in OSX – Occasionally the screen would not center itself after a resolution change had been made.
  • Intermittent Black Screen on Load – Very rare, but in some cases the game would not initialize the display properly.
  • Windows Users Will No Longer Have to Uninstall to Update
  • Arcade Scoring – arcade scores will now save to the newely selected scoreboard once you change modes
  • Update System Changed – hitting “No” when asked to update will tell the application to ignore the update for one week
  • Added Native Resolution Option – this is a double-edged sword… Fractal will look fantastic, but we doubt that the performance rendered by this option will be bearable for anyone. We decided that it should be added as an option anyway, because it’s been one of the most requested features.
  • Random Performance Tweaks ( We are still actively working on performance related issues )

This update of Fractal is available now on the Cipher Prime Store. Please give us a holler if you find any other bugs. Enjoy!

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  1. Michael says:

    I was wondering if it was possible to run this in windowed mode on Mac OSX. Currently none of the shortcuts work to force it to run windowed (or that i’ve found).

  2. Miareva says:

    Prior to the update the game would mess with the resolution of everything else (when I would alt-tab to Desktop, etc.), but everything else would return to normal once I quit the game. Since the update my resolution will not fix itself unless I restart my computer.

  3. Michael Leuchtenburg says:

    Actually, it feels better in full res mode for me, for puzzles. Yes, it’s choppy, but it was choppy *and* low res before. Now it’s just choppy.

    It’d be nice to see it running quickly and smoothly, of course. Fortunately most of the parts that make up the actual game are quite smooth, it’s only when there’s other things going on (banners, informational display, etc.) that it gets choppy.

  4. Simon says:

    I have a bug where the game crashes straight away almost every time I try to run it (it worked the first time, and then one time after that). I’m running XP Pro SP2.

  5. Joe says:

    Ditto on the resolution switch. Windows 7 here.

    Pre-update, game resolution wasn’t at monitor native resolution (1920×1200) but ran great/looked nice at 1024×768. Fractal did not change Windows default resolution.

    Post-update, game resolution (regardless of setting) changes Windows default to Fractal’s resolution.

    Also, Dragon levels were said to be unlocked with 1 more puzzle to clear at 46/50. Once you hit 47/50, you’re notified you have to reach 50/50 for final puzzles. No change in this pre-/post-update.

  6. Azru says:

    Not a bug but a small suggestion:

    It would be great if the game featured an option to resume your game. I mean, currently if you exit the game or quit to the main menu your progress in the campaign is erased and you have to start over (from the beginning or any of the checkpoints). If you ever played other casual games like PvZ, Bejeweled, Zuma, etc. you probably know that they all after logging back to the game give you a choice between resuming your last game and starting a new one.

    No idea how hard it would be to code it but I think it would certainly be an amazing addition considering the campaign spans over 30 levels and it does take some time to complete them if you think carefully about your moves/you’re going for a high score.

  7. Kya says:

    Hi guys.

    I have a question: What exactly is the local/online scoreboard? I thought local would be my local machine, but there are people/names there that I don’t know. o_O

  8. Bokeh says:

    On the OSX version, can you please make it possible to switch applications while running the game? It sounds like windows users can alt-tab out, but it’s impossible to cmd-tab out of the OSX version.

    Either this, or add windowed support. Please.

  9. Neil says:

    I agree with azru. I’d really like to start the campaign from where I left off instead of a checkpoint. Just today I got to level 19 but lost there so I have to start back from level 10 since I didn’t get to level 20 (the checkpoint).

  10. Azru says:

    I actually meant resuming the game after you quit in the middle of the campaign because.. the boss is coming or you’ve noticed you’re late for a bus or something. Not after actually failing a level, checkpoints are ok as they are.

  11. Neil says:

    why are all these unknown people showing up in my local scoreboard? i suspect it’s a bug. also i’d like it if fractal could save “to the cloud” so that i’ll be able to play on my pc and continue where i left off on my mac.

  12. tompikka says:

    Azru has the point.
    It would take several hours to finish the game and you do not have always that many time, so please implement the feature which saves your process when leaving campaign mode or the game.

  13. Neil says:

    Just finished campaign mode today! It’s great that you can resume from where you left off starting at level 20. I thought the hardest levels would be 20-30, but actually, the hardest set was 10-19. Now I’ll start working on the Julia Set in puzzle mode. Awesome game! 🙂

  14. Stardawn says:

    After finishing the campaign a couple times and playing several of failed ones, I can’t help feeling quite dissapointed at the importance of pure luck. A couple unlucky spawns in the wrong place after a bloom and you can fail very quickly – for example in levels 20-30s though there are a few other key levels before where unfair bad luck has always played an enormous role. This makes me think “great game” much less than before.

  15. Aerorae says:

    ^^ Personally waiting on a windowed-mode update here~

    Still lovin the game, but I just don’t get to play very much. I need something i can multitask with.

  16. Nick Roland says:

    I would also love to see a windowed mode for both OS’s. I use AIM to communicate with coworkers and its annoying to keep having to alt tab out.


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