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For all you tuned-in cats, we’ve been having a rather… interesting time these past two days. We had to postpone the Fractal Launch until this afternoon because of server related issues yesterday. Today, Media Temple was DDoS’d and we were thrown for another loop. Internally, we’ve been having stupid issues with Windows 7 permissions and uninstalls. Fast forward to 12:14 AM EST, and we’ve obliterated all our nice little “obstacles” with a smile on our face ready to say, “You can now download Fractal from the Cipher Prime Store.”

We will be posting an Official Announcement tomorrow along with a reminder email for everyone who preordered or is a part of the mailing list.

If you preordered you’ll also notice a nice freebie in your account. Dain whipped you ladies and gents up a sexy Fractal Theme. Since you love us enough to preorder, we love you enough to give you something a little extra. For anyone who missed the preorder, the track will also be available for $0.99 at

Thank you so much for all your patience. As with any release, I’m sure there will be bugs. Please shoot an email to and we’ll do everything we can to help!

Thanks from the Fractal Team (Will, Dain, and Ben)!

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  1. Syzygy says:

    Congrats with [finally ;)]releasing your game!

    Are there any plans for adding either a windowed mode or higher resolutions to the Graphics options? [or both]. Playing 1024*768 full-screen on dual 1920*1080 screens feels kind of silly.

    I’m having fun pushing fractals about nontheless 😉

  2. evilteq says:

    I played it at home, now I’ve just installed it on my netbook (standard Atom n270, 2gb, 10″) and it runs fine… ok, you have to lower the resolution a bit if you dont want to walk it instead of running, but anyway, it’s very playable and it’s always nice to play these games everywhere.

    I’d love to play this game with my hands, I’m sure it runs with next generation tables (they use more or less the same hardware as a netbook).

  3. Colapse says:

    The game does not worked in my WinXP (Work Computer – I’m admin, there is no restrictions).
    Any clue?

    ModName: flash.
    ModVer: Offset: 000a75e9

    *It works perfectly in my Mac.

  4. Colapse says:

    The error ALWAYS return the same.
    I don’t know WHY this is happening.
    In my collegue’s computer worked fine.
    That’s why WinXP SUCKS!


  5. Eric says:

    I know you’re very busy, but…

    Are you going to offer a downloadable demo? I have a single core 1.2GHz netbook and I don’t want to order if it won’t play well (it creeps in the browser version). Has anyone else tried this on a similar computer? Thanks!

  6. Colapse says:


    It works fine in this machine once you have at least 1,5gb memo. The Offline game plays better than in the browser and you can chose a *lower resolution or quality* to improve your experience =)

  7. Francis says:

    When ‘file://packaged/mainSWF.swf’ is passed to the temporary Flash ActiveX ‘flash.’ the game crashes.

    This is mProjector trying to be helpful.
    Why not just publish the game as a regular executable?

  8. Olivier says:

    FWIW, I have the same problem as Colapse… (also on XP)

    Really strange that the Flash version mentioned in the error message is, while my Flash plugin is up-to-date, i.e.

    I should mention that I *did* get it to start just once, after modifying the properties of the desktop shortcut : I had set it to run as “maximized” instead of the default “normal window”. Subsequent restarts yielded nothing but the same old crash, however.

    Any help appreciated…

  9. will
    will says:

    @Windows XP Users
    I’m sorry you guys are having so much trouble. We are working diligently to figure out what is wrong with WinXP. If you could, use support@cipherprime so we can start up a dialog and get you test builds. I’ll get everyone an update by the end of the day on this thread! Hang in there.

  10. will
    will says:

    @Windows XP Users
    We are still working on a real fix, but we are able to get the game working in compatibility mode for windows 95. However, that’s a cheap solutions and REALLY hurts performance. We’re working on a real solution as we speak.

  11. Stardawn says:

    For some weird reason, the game seems slightly less smooth in 1024×768 than the demo used to be in max resolution 1680×1050…

  12. Eric says:

    I’m sorry to report Fractal runs very slowly at all resolutions on my single core 1.2 GHz netbook. Too bad.

    Also, my Norton Internet Security quarantines the installer because of ‘WS.Reputation.1,’ which apparently developers can exclude by contacting Norton.

  13. will
    will says:


    We recommend a 1.2 dual core or higher. Unfortunately, until Flashes performance get’s better we cannot do much about this. How did the demo run for you?

    Thanks for the heads up about Norton Security. We’ll make sure to contact them!

  14. will
    will says:

    We’re having a lot of good headway of the Windows XP issue. We are expecting to have an update live today. Please stay tuned, I will have more information soon.

  15. will
    will says:

    Alrighty! Windows XP Updates is live! Everyone who has this bug should go back to the store and download the new fixed version. Thank you all for your patience. Let us know if there are anymore problems!

  16. will
    will says:

    Visual performance like resolution etc is something we’re going to be continuing development on. Hopefully, you’ll see better visual performance and resolution setting in the future =)

  17. Eric says:


    FYI- The download version runs about the same as the online demo on my single core 1.2 GHz netbook, so perhaps you can now state a dual core is the minimum vs the recommended, and that if the demo isn’t satisfactory then download performance may not be better.

    Thanks for listening!

  18. killercow says:

    Oh and an ipad version would be great (the ipad resolution is 1024×768 so it shouldn’t be that hard)


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