Fractal Preorders Extended!

By popular demand, we’ve extended the Fractal Preorder deadline to May 24th, 2010!

Why May 24th? Umm, well you see, the thing is…


On Monday, we’ll flip the switch! Everyone who has preordered will be able to download their games; everyone who hasn’t will have to pay full price! Don’t miss your chance to save!

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  1. will
    will says:

    I dunno, I think it looks great! I’m loving how you have Eufloria and Machinarium in there. Even better yet is Altitude, that game is just so damn addictive. But, you never know…Steam is always a possibility 😉

  2. will
    will says:

    PLEASE! don’t kill me. But I’m throwing up a post now giving you an update. Basically, we’re going to hold off until tomorrow afternoon =( I’m so sorry!

    ..* runs away to avoid all loose objects *

  3. evilteq says:

    Release it already! It doens’t matter if you do and the download only works for the even reservers, or the game crashes and collapses our computer, or something worse… hummm, ok ok, release it when it’s done 😛

    Cheer up and don’t worry, release it when its ready!

  4. Neil says:

    benefits of Fractal on Steam: game is conveniently on Steam so if your computer dies you can redownload without hassle, easier to send out product updates, we could have some sort of multiplayer co op Fractal, Steam is cool, having Fractal on Steam would lower chances of piracy.


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