Fractal is Finally Here!

It has been a long and challenging year for us here at Cipher Prime, which is why it is with overwhelming joy that we can finally announce the release of Fractal, our latest effort downloadable for both Mac and PC.

Fractal almost defies explanation; we’ve been working on it for 15 months and we still can’t sum it up in a sentence. As with Auditorium, it’s insanely complex to describe but incredibly intuitive to play.

Here’s a bit about the game:

Push on fractals. Arrange them into clusters of seven or more to make a Bloom. Watch the Bloom as it explodes with glory, gaining you seven or more clears. Progress through levels by gaining clears, using power-ups and specialized fractals to aid you along the way.

The most exciting part about this game is its diversity. There are different styles a player can utilize, each one having strengths and weaknesses. Best of all, there are three different modes of play, so varied that they feel like entirely different games:

Campaign Mode
This is the Grand Adventure. Each level has a different challenge you’ll have to face. You have a limited number of pushes which you can gain back in various ways. There’s no timer so you can play at your own pace — whether you choose to sit and think or click wildly is up to you. The levels are shaped by the way you play them — do well in one and the next might be forgiving; show off for a higher score and you might find yourself running out of pushes. This mode is all about going at your own pace and relaxing.

Puzzle Mode
Here’s where we test your cunning intellect. You’ll be handed a particular number of pushes in a very specific situation with concrete goals to achieve. Each puzzle forces you to push the limits of the rule system; some puzzles have ten solutions, others only have one. Aside from being tons of fun, puzzle mode will help you gain an acute understanding of what is possible in the world of Fractal, which will improve your gameplay considerably.

Arcade Mode
Here’s where we flip Campaign Mode upside down. You’ll be given infinite pushes — so go crazy, click all over the place — however the catch is that you’ll be timed. The clock starts with 20 seconds. Only special fractals with a clock symbol will give you time back, so you must choose where to click wisely. Choose from three different playing styles: Speed, Agility, and Confidence. Each one will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Like Auditorium, music is a crucial element in the experience. Our new MusicBox audio engine is capable of building songs on the fly, generating unique melodies based on the gameplay and adding or taking away elements based on progress and circumstance.

Fractal is our attempt to turn a simple concept into a rich audio-visual experience. The game seems to come to life, flourishing vibrantly as you progress and withering in fear when you fail. The environment serve as an indication of your position in the game; a seasoned player can sense danger without ever looking at the HUD.

We hope you’ll enjoy the game as much as we do. With local and global scoreboards in each mode, you can track your progress with other players around the world… Maybe you’ll even beat us some day.

Give the Fractal demo a try at The full version, complete with all three modes of play, is available for $14.99 at

You can also purchase the full-length Fractal theme, “Iterate!”, at for $0.99. If you preordered, you should see a free copy of the theme sitting in your CP Store account. This is just a small way for us to say, “Thanks!”

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  1. Tonto says:

    So, one thing that can be said for Steam, patching is way easier on the user end. Instead of having to re-download the game, uninstall the old copy, then finally reinstall, patching is all done automatically.

    Anyways, I think some method of auto-patching the game is probably a good idea. Either that or make it possible to get rid of the screen asking you to update every time you start the game.

    Other than that, I love the game. I’m a particular fan of the train whistle. 🙂

  2. Colapse says:

    More Fractal issues…

    1. Manual: I notice that everybody is losing in 20th level! Am I the only one who don’t know what does mean some pieces? Like “>”

    2. There is a command to minimize or “command+tab”? I couldn’t even with “alt+enter” – so it’s something to work.

    For now I remember those… We keep in touch.

    HAH! At the moment I have the best score >=D

  3. Chris says:

    When I first launched the game it looked like it was in high resolution (I have a 1680×1050 display) and I went to the options to check the resolution options…it seems like I selected a resolution option (1024) lower than when the program launched and now I can’t get the resolution back to where it was (higher). Does this make sense? Is there a solution? Am I crazy?

  4. yotam says:

    i pre ordered the game and its amazing as i gussed
    but why the program dont save my progress?
    i almost finish puzzle mode and when i close the game and started again it was reset also my user name please help

  5. Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan says:

    I’m loving the game on Windows XP so far but have found one bug in Arcade, which is that all scores are posted to Speed Mode no matter which Arcade mode you earned them on.

  6. Colapse says:

    Am I the only one seeing exagonal things? hahahahaha
    I’m always thinking in Fractal puzzles! HAHAHAAHH!

    My first place has been ROBBED! Let’s see @night! I must keep my best scores ahead! mwahahahah!


  7. Brandt says:

    Why did you change the scoring in campaign mode? It seems that all things (chains, bloom size, etc) are now scored at x100. When before they were scored differently. Is this an intentional change from the demo, or a bug or?

    Also, can you make level one optional? It’s a bore to have to step through each time.

  8. Michael Leuchtenburg says:

    When I started Fractal just now, it alerted me that there’s a new version to download. I did, then went to install it, and the installer complained that I needed to remove the old one first. Not so great.

    What’s changed from the release version? I assume there are some bug fixes, but what are they? And are there any other changes?

  9. Michael Leuchtenburg says:

    Hm, I think the Campaign mode has been changed. Has the number of pushes been reduced somewhat?

  10. will
    will says:

    That update was a pretty major one that fixed a million and one issues with Windows XP.

    We’ll be changing the upgrading system very soon. Hopefully, the next update you take will make like easier for you. I’m sorry for the inconvenience right now.

  11. tang says:

    Same as chris, game started at my native screen resolution (1080p) … and accidentally changed it in options. Cannot put it back to “high” resolution T___T

    How can I turn the resolution higher than 1024×768?

  12. Craig says:

    Hey Guys,

    Well done on the release and I’m really happy to have the game now 🙂 JUst one small issue…. The resolution is a bit iffy on my monitor(1680×1050 native), I mean the flash demo on the site looks a lot better than the app on my PC. Are you planning on making any changes to this by any chance?

    Thanks and keep up the good work 😉

  13. Aerorae says:

    @Everyone- You can manually handle the resolution by going into your display settings dialog (alt-tab out, for win users) while the game is playing and turning up the resolution. Note this will have a detrimental effect to performance and the smoothness of the graphics.

  14. Stardawn says:

    @Azrorae : doing this doesn’t make the game as beautiful as what the demo used to be in native resolution. The edge of blooms for example, are still much less detailed.

  15. Adam says:

    Hey guys!
    I am loving this!
    You have completely ruined any chance i had of passing my exams in 4 weeks >< haha
    Only one slight problem for me. the text telling you what combo you just got hangs around a little too long covering the fractal grid. Maybe in an update make it a bit transparent, of put in at the side? Just a thought.

  16. Adam says:

    also, though it can be altered by alt+tabbing out, i reckon more built in resolution support would be good. My screens are 1280×800 and 1440×900, so the hexagons look a bit weird
    Great game still though

  17. Brandt says:

    I agree, the high-res version on the demo seemed more detailed! The demo allowed for a change in detail, not resolution. That would still be nice to have in the downloaded version, for when one is playing on a less powerful machine. (or wants to save battery)

    Also I agree, the pop up text tends to be more obtrusive than not. Especially the warnings about 10 and 5 pushes left.

  18. Bennett says:

    I would buy this in a second for iPad. If you’re programming with technologies that make that possible, I strongly encourage you to do it.

  19. Frank says:

    Since today, after downloading the new version, Fractal is hanging a lot at startup (WinXP pro SP3), just a black rectangle of 800×600 pixels and nothing happens until it crashes and wants to sent an error report.

    Also when I can start the game (every now and then) all my local Highscores are gone 🙁

  20. Neil says:

    same here. local high scores gone. Also the game is a little laggy even though I’ve got a fast machine. Iterate! is awesome!

  21. Neil says:

    there’s a bug in the puzzle “clusterd’s last stand”
    creating a single bloom lets you win even though the objective is creating a 3 bloom cluster

  22. Frank says:

    I’m not playing that often anymore because my local scores are gone each time I manage to start fractal :(( Any news on these issues?

  23. will
    will says:

    We’ve fixed that for the next update.

    We’ve fixed the scoring for the next update as well.

    We’re hoping to push the new update tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with us!

  24. Colapse says:

    I found a bug on the score points.
    I sent do support with a screenshot.

    PS: OK… level 23 is… WHAT? IMPOSSIBLE? :rage: >.<***

  25. Neil says:

    I’d really like to see more support for different resolution. I’ve got 2 computers, one is 1600×900 and the other is 1920×1200.

  26. Aerorae says:

    @Will- YAY! UPDATE!
    @Colapse- I made it to 24! ^^ Of course it took me 9 tries…
    @Neil- I’d settle for windowed mode. I’ve been trying to find out a set of commands for the console in-game (access by pressing [~])

  27. Neil says:

    seriously? there’s an ingame console? I need to check that out. I noticed something interesting. Fractal runs really smoothly on my mac but lags on my pc. The interesting thing is that my pc’s specs are much better than my mac’s. My pc has twice as much ram as the mac and the graphics card is waaaay better. To top it off, the mac is four years old and the pc is only 2 years old.

  28. Chris says:

    The game looks great in the new resolution. Cheers to you guys for the quick update!

    Also: the game is a ton of fun to play!


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