Fractal Demo is Live! Preorder Today!

We’re pleased - stoked, even – to announce that after 15 long months, Fractal is (very nearly) done! Head on over to THIS VERY INSTANT to play the demo and log a high score!

To celebrate, we’re accepting pre-orders! Fractal will list for $14.99 (a dollar for every month of development), but from now until May 20th, you’ll be able to pick it up for $9.99 – $5 bucks off, or a 33% savings! Some things you might want to know about Fractal:

  • It’s Not Bejeweled. Do you like to think? Miss “easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay? Then buddy, do we have the game for you! Fractal is powered by a simple mechanic that fuels complex emergent patterns.
  • It’s Big. We’ve designed a deep game that tickles every part of your brain. Fractal has Campaign Mode for progress junkies, Puzzle Mode for Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts, and Arcade Mode for the ADD – prepare for hours of work-destroying gameplay!
  • It’s Downloadable. That’s right! Fractal is PC/Mac compatible, and you’ll be able to download both versions with your purchase.
  • It’s Coming Soon. Fractal will ship in late May, so pre-order now to get your best savings!
We absolutely have to thank each and every one of you – your support for Auditorium, kind words, and friendly reminders that we haven’t updated in a while remind us that we have people out there that care what we do. As always, questions and comments are welcome and encouraged.
We hope you enjoy Fractal!