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Upcoming Events at Cipher Prime

“Gaming as Therapy” Autism Event

autism ribbonx150Cipher Prime is excited to announce that on April 19th, we will be partnering with the Academy of Natural Sciences to hold an autism event called “Gaming as Therapy: A Pathway to Interaction“! This event will explore video games as a potential form of therapy for autism, and as a social bridge between autistic and non-autistic people. 

Although we didn’t design our games with autism in mind, over the years, we’ve received many emails from parents of children on the spectrum, thanking us for creating experiences that they could share with their kids. These messages inspired us to further explore the link between gaming and autism, and to work toward promoting neurodiversity.

That’s why we’re doing this event. We’ll be sharing our games (including AuditoriumPulse, and Splice) and others’, and Cipher Prime co-founder Dain Saint will be one of three speakers discussing the relationship between gaming and autism. We invite you to spend an evening with us learning, playing games, and forming friendships.

When: Friday, April 19th, at 6:00 P.M.
Where: The Academy of Natural Sciences (1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia)
How: Reserve your ticket today!

Brian Provinciano Q&A Session

In other news, we’ve been on a Retro City Rampage rampage. This satirical open-world action game was the subject of last Dev Night‘s “game club,” and next week we’ll be hosting a virtual Q&A Session with the game’s creator, Brian Provinciano! So haul your tuckus over to Cipher Prime (239 Chestnut Street) next Thursday at 8:00 PM to join the discussion!

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