Splice Featured at IndieCade!

This February, Cipher Prime had the honor of being featured in IndieCade East 2013! For one orgasmic weekend of indie love, we shipped off to New York City’s Museum of the Moving Image to share our games with developers, artists, press, and fellow game enthusiasts alike.

We demoed Splice and gave a show-and-tell session about its production. We also participated in the GameSlam, a three-minute pitch-your-game throw-down with other developers, where we showed off a prototype called Intake.

We played and were inspired by other featured games, including the gorgeous four-paneled puzzler Gorogoa and the face-meltingly competitive Hokra. Our favorite gaming experience, though, was helping an auditorium of people collectively guide a spaceship to safety using laser pointers in Renga.

We also explored the museum’s “Spacewar! Video Games Blast Off” exhibition, which explored the evolution of videogames from the first digital video game, Spacewar!. We had the most fun shooting life-sized portals onto a massive wall projection of Portal.

IndieCade was exhilarating, and we feel privileged to have been a part of it. We can’t wait until next year!


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