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Welcome, Bienvenidos, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Witamy Was, Добро пожаловать, 欢迎, ようこそ, Pe’el!


We’ve gotta admit it, Backers, but we’re pretty private people. So this Dev Note Access thing is kind of a big deal for us.

We usually don’t do sneak peeks, because so much can change during the development process and we are never done until we’re done. We’re kind of sensitive to critiques (we’re even harsher on ourselves), so getting to that mythical end point doesn’t happen quickly or easily. It’s more like…what’s the word? Ah yes — painful.

But we really, really appreciate all your help! Like, REALLY appreciate it, so we’re going to suck it up and let you guys in on the process.

Here’s what you should expect:

  • Weekly updates.
    • Every Friday, starting this Friday.
  • A wide variety of media.
    • Sometimes, you’ll get blog posts. Other times, music. Pictures. Moving pictures or even “talkies” (we’re on the bleeding edge). Downloadables. Non-downloadables. Kittens.
  • A wide variety of content.
    • We’re gonna give you tech wizardry. Concept art. Timelapses. Melodies and rhythms. Stories. Fireside game design chats. Pie in the sky feature dreams. Soul crushing game development realities (e.g. ever receding deadlines). Sweet, sweet information. And even more delicious nonsense.

We can’t promise a ton of meaty content every week, because we’ll just be siphoning off precious, precious development time. But you’ll get something, and we hope it’ll pass your muster!

So stay tuned!

11 replies
  1. Kickstarter Backer says:

    I’m so excited!!!

    But I have one problem… Kittens is crossed out =(. Can we have kittens, too?

  2. Kickstarter Backer says:

    Looking forward to seeing what can come of this. I’ve loved auditorium since I first saw it, and backed duet as soon as I heard about it. I know you all will knock it out of the park “When it’s done.™”

  3. Kickstarter Backer says:

    After the success of Auditorium (My best stress reliever), then Fractale (which I still havent been able to master :S), then splice (which is marvel in it’s simple idea but complex turnout, and the fantastic music!)… I am sure you guys will do just fine.

    Word of warning: Never have something crossed out unless you intend to give it, you could have a kitten rampage on your hands very soon XD

    All that said, I wait in utter fascination to see what comes out of those brilliant minds of yours.
    Happy Dev-ing

  4. Kickstarter Backer says:

    Well, glad to see everything is finally underway with this…

    And I immediately start speculation! I noticed in the last picture’s bottom panel some new modifiers… the squiggly one looks fun and appears to give the flow a waveform, and to the left of that I think I see a capo symbol? Possibility of repeating previous actions that the flow has already done?


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