Out of the Rectangle


In the original Auditorium, the gamespace was just a single black rectangle. Although we’ve always been happy with how Auditorium turned out visually, we also think it would be fun to create a gamespace that gives players more colors, particles, and music!

So one feature that we’ve been prototyping (and we’re feeling pretty good about it so far) is a movable camera that lets Duet players move around a space that’s much more expansive than Auditorium’s gamespace. The GIF above demos this feature: players will be able to pan the camera and see different areas of any particular level.

The extra space will make it easier for two players to share the same level, and it’ll also give us more creative potential for making awesome puzzles and colorscapes. We haven’t yet decided what degree of camera freedom to use in puzzles, although we’re currently leaning towards a “horizontal” gamespace.

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  1. Kickstarter Backer says:

    I do like this idea! Be sure to include a zoom function as well as the pan. Even if it is very difficult to play the game and place features I would always appreciate the ability to zoom out and take a look at the whole problem (or most of it anyway).
    Keep up the good work 🙂


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