Kickstarter Update #16

First, Will and Dain talk about where we are with Duet:

Second, the takeaway:

  • Duet production is in full throttle. We’re partway through several weeks of prototyping. We have a rough recreation of the original game in Unity, and are deciding how to build on that.
  • Our estimate of six months to a year (September 2013 to March 2014) still stands, we’ve just gotten off to a late start.
  • Sorry for the delay! Splice was unexpectedly successful for us, and ports, bundles, and showcasing took up a huge chunk of our time this past year. We ended up with some great business opportunities we just couldn’t pass up.
  • Sorry for the delay, again! We wanted to smooth out all the kinks of having a bigger team, so we focused on two pre-production projects for several months (news on those later). We’re better developers and a better team thanks to the work.
  • Dev note access is live, backer tiers with dev note access will receive a message with more info. Physical rewards are getting mailed out, and/or created, and/or double-checked against the naughty/nice list. (We’re watching!)

P.S.: The song in the video is part of the second movement of Dain’s magnum opus, “La Ballade de la Chatte Grincheuse” (The Ballad of Grumpy Cat).




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  1. Kickstarter Backer says:

    Did that iphone app “echo” featured in one of your earliest videos ever go anywhere? it looked fun!

  2. Kickstarter Backer says:

    Musing about that sine wave drawing on the middle pic. With the note: Swoopy Bars. That looks cool 🙂 Would be interesting to combine it with speed altering plates to change the amplitude of the wave, and also differring length bars to change the frequency, which in turn affects the output speed and exit trajectory after the last bar?
    Harrison Brown. (Because I’m nice and put my name!)

  3. Kickstarter Backer says:

    Continuing on from Kickstarer Backer’s previous musings, I also noticed another possible modifier… in that same picture on the bottom panel, you can see the sine wave one, but to the left there’s also another one which appears to be a capo sign. Perhaps the flow can be asked to repeat previous actions it already did? Maybe there’s also a coda sign which will let it repeat all the actions it did from the capo, creating a full-fledged D.C. al Coda?


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