Cipher Prime Interviews Dejobaan Games!

At a recent Cipher Prime dev night, a roomful of game-lovers and -makers had the pleasure of sitting down with Ichiro Lambe and Rohit Shenoy of Dejobaan Games for a virtual chat. These dapper gentlemen imparted great wisdoms ranging from their personal experiences making games to their success in marketing (according to Rohit, giving games interesting names “seems to work every time”) to their mastery of the art of seduction (it’s all in the salsa, apparently).

At any rate, even if you weren’t there, you can still watch the interview!

We’re excited to announce a new playlist on Cipher Prime’s YouTube channelDev Night Q&A’s. In our magical journeys through the lands of game studio-being, we have met some pretty remarkable fellow developers who have allowed us to peer into (and occasionally film) the depths of their souls. So come cozy up to your favorite devs: subscribe!


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  1. Lina says:

    Hej Xboy,Mhm.. jag har förstått det :-/. Ska se till att ordna en sådan brännare illa kvcakt.Tcik så mkt för hjälpen så länge XboY =).


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