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Dejobaan Games to Speak at Dev Night!

We’re excited to announce that Ichiro Lambe and Rohit Shenoy, the esteemed ballers of fellow indie developer Dejobaan Games, will be doing a virtual Q&A session at our February 28th Game Dev night. Their studio touts such charming titles as Drunken Robot Pornography and Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby.

Due to our mad fan love for this studio, we’re partnering up for some promotions: the members of Dejobaan’s mailing list just received a discount on Splice, and we will be offering Dejobaan’s games on our mailing list. We hope that these promotions will be the first of many partnerships to come!

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  1. Cissa says:

    There’s one other thing that i noticed is the Download page. Downloading is fine, but the prolbem is, when i close a window, reopen, and then Ctrl+J to go to my download page, all of my download keep saying “Retry Download” and “Canceled.” But in truth, it’s already downloaded. This didn’t happen before in dev 11, it’s only start happening after i got dev 12. Would you guys mind look into this?

  2. Mikaela says:

    Hello,I bought your etednxed version of Simple Survey andit’s a great plugin but I would like to have an additionnal informationfor the results of a quiz in the database or if it’s possible or by mail.I need the time duration of the quiz, how much time spent a user on the quizwith the score, name, etc informations.Thanks.Best regards.


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