Upcoming Dev Nights

Change in schedule folks. Starting next week, Dev Nights will be moving to Thursdays. Same time, same place. Doors open at 5pm. Game jam goes till 1am.

Dev Night Diaries

Looking forward, we’re going to be adding to the Dev Night format a bit. For one, we’re starting to put together Dev Night Diaries with interviews that showcase projects that developers are working on, the tools used, and approaches used to tackle the development process.

Digital Art and Video Games

We’re also opening up to digital artists. Each week we’ll propose an exercise geared toward learning the tools and techniques for creating game art assets and how to integrate them into Unity. Much like a study group, artists will also be encouraged to study a specific aspect of the current tool set, learn it, and present it at the next Dev Night; the current tool being Pixologic’s free to use sculpting software Sculptris. We’ll also spend a little time each week practicing the basics with Paul Richards’ THUMB WAR : Design Iteration Combat Simulation.

Ray Merkler’s Fortress

Special shout out to local Philly dev Ray Merkler and his new iOS game Fortress, which released today! Fortress is a strategy card game designed to be played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Players build a wall of soldiers to attack and destroy their opponent’s King while they try to defend their own. Simple rules belie a mountain of strategic depth!

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  1. David says:


    I wanted to know what tools I should bring to the dev night (i.e. laptop)? I am graphic designer, focusing mostly in user interface design, and I am intrigued by y’all opening up for digital artists as well. I have no Unity or Sculptris experience at all but it is something I very much want to learn.

    I am also uncertain I will be able to make it by 5pm, would I be interrupting if I ended up showing up closer to 6pm – 6:30pm? Thanks!

  2. nikkolai
    nikkolai says:

    @David: Yep! Laptop loaded with Unity and Sculptris (both free). Bonus points if you also have StarCraft 2 (team building exercise). Doors open at 5pm, but you’re welcome to drop in anytime. We do around-the-room introductions around 9pm. Look forward to seeing you then!

  3. Menakshi says:

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