Looking for Interns!

Cipher Prime is looking for a marketing intern and a design intern!

General Info:

Our office is located at 3rd and Chestnut. “Official” office hours are “10:00am” to “4:00pm,” and you can show up between two and five “weekdays” a week. Often we will feed you and you are always allowed to use the bathroom, but otherwise the internship is unpaid. Starcraft 2 experience desirable but not necessary.

Marketing Intern Info:

Marketing interns will assist us with improving our online presence. We make cool games and need to put our name and product in front of as many eyes as possible. Duties will include:

  • frequent updating of our blog and social media tools;
  • tracking down articles and reviews about our company and/or games;
  • responding to inquiries about our products through email and on public forums.

We are bad at these things and you must be good at them. You will be required to play our games in order to better understand them. You are expected to suggest and carry out marketing research and campaigns on your own initiative. You must also be able to write fully grammatical and polite sentences, but be fluent enough in Bad English to decipher and respond to internetspeak. Experience with social media tools (e.g. WordPress, Twitter, Facebook) is helpful.

Design Intern Info:

Design interns will create promotional material for our games and our company. This stuff distracts us from making cool games and we need your help to pick up our slack. Duties will include:

  • creating visual candy for our website and for press outreach;
  • creating screencasts of our games;
  • putting together simple films showcasing behind-the-scenes work or development.

Design interns need to know that we may reject many of your ideas and possibly even ridicule your work. We are picky people. So design interns must have thick skin. The ability to bury your resentment deeply is a plus. Design interns will be required to play our games in order to learn our studio’s aesthetic. Afterward, you will create design content on your own initiative. Design interns should have prior experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, at least one video-editing program, and VX modules.

If you’re interested, send us an email at team@cipherprime.com!

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