Our Very First Pizzacraft!

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Welcome to all the r/Pizzacraft participants!

My name is Andrei and I’ll be heading up the Pizzacraft tournament. My battle.net name is Andrei-492, if you’ve got any questions.

This is going to be a quick FFA tournament.

That is, it should only be two rounds. Thirty-three participants signed up, so we’ll try and start out with 6 or 8 person FFAs, but this may change depending on who shows up. Brackets were assigned at random.

Each game may last upwards of 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how cheesy or turtle-y people are feeling.

Official Procedure:

  1. Join the chat channel “Pizzacraft”. I will be online starting at 2:00 EST.
  2. I will start setting up games at 3:00 EST (or slightly earlier if anyone wants to get a head start). If I announce the callout for your bracket in the Pizzacraft channel for your game, there will be a 10 minute grace period before the game starts without you.
    • The map selection will be any official Blizzard map with separate bases. This may mean some maps will have players starting fairly close to each other. Map selection will be random:
  3. Winners PM me, and I’ll check match history.
  4. The final round is set to begin at 4:30 EST, but this will be flexible depending on how fast the games are played. But unless otherwise agreed upon by participants, the final round starts at 4:30 or as soon as possible afterward.
  5. Pizza. The last person standing at the end of the Pizzacraft will get a pizza of their choice, on us. We’ll try to accomodate delivery Saturday night if possible. If that isn’t possible we’ll basically handle things as r/Random_Acts_of_Pizza does.
If you have any questions ask them in the Pizzacraft channel! Or message me on Battle.net (Andrei, 492)! This is going to be a pretty small tournament, so everything will be fairly laid back! Have fun!

Thanks everyone for participating! And good luck!


(You can zoom and pan.)


The Drexel Dragoon’s CSL team was kind enough to offer streaming and casting for the tournament. The video and chat are embedded below.

Watch live video from Drexel Dragoons on www.twitch.tv

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