Nerds: Rage, Rejoice and Game

When our good friend, rapper, and Pulse music contributor Justin Giza aka Zilla Persona told us about his nerdcore showcase, NerdRage, we were psyched to help support the non-profit event.

Featuring 9 music groups from California to Kansas, the 2nd annual NerdRage promises to celebrate “all things nerdly,” according to the founder. Studio 34, a yoga-studio-turned-music-venue will host this year’s glory of chiptune, nerdcore, chip hop, and Nintendo-sampled beats.

Cipher Prime’s own Dain Saint is also performing at the event, inspiring us to help support all things geekly and awesome. So we’ve decided to provide incentives through the event’s Kickstarter, a donation program that supplies funders with awesome gifts.

The incentives include:

Pledge $5 or more:

A redemption link for a copy of Cipher Prime’s award-winning game Auditorium (Win/OSX/Linux)!

Pledge $10 or more:

A copy of Auditorium, plus a soundtrack for Cipher Prime’s newest game, Pulse. We’ll even toss in your ticket to Nerdrage!

Pledge $15 or more

All of the above, plus a CD copy of Zilla Persona’s “You Wouldn’t Think.” Oh yeah, and stickers. Everyone loves stickers, right?

Pledge $50 or more

LIMITED REWARD    ( 6 of 10 remaining)

All of the above. Plus, because you’re so awesome, some of the artists are taking you to lunch the day of the show (June 18th). Expect bundles of stickers, showers of free music, and heaps of compliments.




NERDRAGE v2 is June 18th in Philadelphia, PA!

Tickets will be $10. Studio34, 7pm-11pm.



Dr. Awkward (California)

Madhatter (Wichita, KS)

Zilla Persona (PA)

Shammers & Lefthand (Outer Space)

King Pheenix (NC)

Kris Keyser (NJ)

Dain Saint (PA)

Attack Slug (NJ)


Tickets will go on sale May 20th. Check the official Facebook page here.

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