Home Sweet Home!

A-thousand-and-one thanks to everyone that participated in the Moving Sale! If there is anyone that still has not received their free audio tracks, shoot us an email at support@cipherprime.com and we’ll get that squared away for you right away.

And now, pictures!

Old office @ 910 S 8th St.

Lonely Bike

Do you want sunlight, or reasonable temperatures?

It looked exactly like this, all the time.

180 sqft. of former candy store nestled away one block from the Italian Market, this prime piece of real estate was… too bloody small. On the average beta-testing night, we’d have three developers, 6 testers, 4 pizzas, 3 cases of Mountain Dew, and no real AC to speak of. It was an excellent starter office, but alas, we have outgrown its cozy confines.

And the New Office @ 239 Chestnut St!


+10 Feng Shui

Natural light, oh how we’ve missed you.

This room alone is bigger than our old office.

The view down Chestnut St.

A spacious 1000 sq ft gem nestled in the heart of Philadelphia’s Old City, this absolute steal features all the accoutrements of a modern studio. An open floor plan, secondary room, and cozy loft await!

Sorry guys. I’ve been looking for a new apartment lately and all the realtor talk is rubbing off on me.

In other news, if 5 bucks for Fractal wasn’t cheap enough for you, here’s a way you can get it free. Friend of the site XboxPlus is giving away 5 copies in a promotion. Head on over to check it out!