We’re moving and we need your help!

For those of you who have come to see us at our old office, things are changing! As of this week, we’ve moved into our new space right on 3rd and Chestnut Street! We are overwhelmingly excited. Not only is the space 5 times larger, it’s an awesome location with great food at almost exactly the cost we were paying before. For us, this is just our dream come true. It actually feels like we’re turning into a real company =)

Unfortunately, moving takes a lot of time and money. Which means, we’re going to have a moving sale! So, what is the moving sale? Both Auditorium and Fractal will be offered at $4.99 each. We’ll be giving you Iterate ( the theme to Fractal ) with any Fractal purchase and we’ll be giving you Autumn ( the 1st Auditorium single) with any copy of Auditorium.

Accepting Donations SoonOn top of that, we’re going to be opening up donations for the duration of the sale. This is rather huge for us and something we haven’t done since we created the demo of Auditorium. Dain and I are currently trying to figure out what we can give to anyone who donates, but rest assured we’ll figure something out. This is a really tricky time for us right now and we sincerely need your help. I promise no donation will go unnoticed. If anyone has any ideas for what we could give away for donations just let us know!

If all goes as planned it looks like the sale will start mid-next week! For anyone who is local, you know we have a few t-shirts laying around. We’ll be working on getting those online soon as well!

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  1. Weasel says:

    You just tell us when donations are open. I already own BOTH games, so I can’t really buy them again, but, I’ll gladly help you all out. (:

  2. Marcos Aurélio Tadeu da Silva says:


    I also already own the two games, and I would be more than happy in to purchase it again, in order to help you and in order to receive the extras you mentioned.

    I also will be more than happy in to help you. Regarding the donation, once you develops games which have the music as one the the main attractives, why don’t you think in something related to music?

    Some track, some pack of tracks, etc. 🙂

  3. will
    will says:

    Hmmm…. Here are some of the pending ideas:
    We have all the original concept art for Fractal and Auditorium.
    We could give those away.
    Maybe an audio track or two?
    What about all the cheat codes for Fractal?
    Maybe a nice print of one of my art pieces?

    There has to be a few other things would could do…

  4. tristin says:

    Could possibly offer a “SPECIAL THANKS” credit in your next game. 😉 Who wouldn’t love to see their name in lights?

  5. Owen says:

    Cool! Do you plan to let us play Fractal in windowed mode, though? I don’t really want to get it until I know I can play it.

  6. will
    will says:

    @ tristin
    Hell Yeah! Special credits would be awesome, we can definitely do that!

    We’re working on it right now actually. We’re waiting back from the mProjector guys on some answers. It’s mostly out of our control until they get back to us.

  7. Simon B. says:

    Just make a blog post to send us a notification when donations will be open. I won’t have much money to give, but I hope many small parts will contribute. The only thing I would ask you in return is keep up the good work guys. Cheers.

  8. Frank says:

    I too will donate something because I already have the two games. Only thing I want in return is you guys fixing the resolution bug in Fractal 😉

  9. Michael SteelWolf says:

    I like the idea of concept art or prints as incentives, especially if they were signed (and even more especially if they were signed TO the donor). That’s a good bit of work though.

    I would really like to see a complete soundtrack for Auditorium. I have the first few songs you released way back when, but having the whole thing on an album or even just as mp3s would be awesome.

    What about running some kind of a contest? Take a song like Auditorium and have people make art inspired by it, either video or print. You and Dain pick your favorite and give them something cool, and everybody linking back here will get a lot more exposure for the donate button and game sale.

    Your games have been superb – thank you so much!

  10. Neil says:

    concept art would be awesome!
    audio tracks i would like to buy separately
    and i wonder what the cheat codes are. i know one code. i wonder what the others are. i’ve tried entering a bunch of words in campaign mode like:

  11. Neil says:

    yay! epic explosions!
    here’s a thought, how about creating a forum for auditorium and fractal? there ppl can post their problems, solutions, fan created content, and other stuff.

  12. Neil says:

    sorry for double posting
    but the thing about cheat codes is, it’s no fun if no one knows them, and it’s no fun if you just tell them to us like that. you should give us hints so we can guess the cheat code. like for makebloomsnotwar, the hint could be, something about blooms and peace.

  13. Neil says:

    triple post! but i had to
    i found another code!
    makebloomsnotwar (i can’t believe i didn’t see this earlier)
    it gives you plus 10 pushes 😉


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