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  1. Schupin says:

    Welcome to life CipherPrime Blog !!

    I hope we’ll be able to have great news of you guys and particullary of auditorium here 🙂

    Good luck for the project and everything !

    PS : the header is just awesome, I love it !

  2. mike says:

    well i guess my question is where are the down loadable demo? it would be nice to have such. for us geeks that have a habit of cleaning our system on a regular basis it seems i have to start from the beginning each time i go back to play. any suggestions? thanks guys great relaxing game. thanks

  3. zenpunk says:

    I think Auditorium is a blast… well done!

    However, there are 2 things (so far 😉 that I think it really, really needs. Before I’d want to play it for many more hours it would need both of these changes..

    1) Let me see the type of effector without having to roll over it. I realize you may be trying to keep the simplistic beauty of the clean empty circles, but I feel it is even more disruptive to the users experience to have to roll around constantly just to see which way the effectors are pointing. Maybe if you’re concerned about the look you can have the arrow just fade back to like 20% opacity. But don’t make them disappear altogether. I can’t really play more than 3 or 4 levels without that becoming so frustrating i just quit.

    1b) i’d also like to somehow visually see the relative strength of an effector.. whether it’s ‘wind’ is strong or weak. Maybe represent this by the thickness of it’s white circular outline? Or the number of arrows… > for weak, >> for medium, >>> for strong. I’m assuming there are different strengths.. there seems to be.

    2) another very important change i’d really like to see is the handling of successfully completing a level. As it is right now, as soon as you successfully fill up all the sound bars.. boom.. the whole level disappears. I found this very disappointing. I just struggled through several minutes, sometimes longer, of figuring out a level, and the very second it all comes together i want to stop and stare at my successful design, but it goes away! Please, please, please.. leave the completed level, with particles still flowing, on screen until i hit the spacebar again to continue. Really.. there were several times i completed a level… 1.5 and 2.3 or 2.5 I believed, that when it all clicked and every worked, i gasped at it’s beauty, and wanted to watch it flow. Then it all disappeared in like 1.5 seconds.

    2b) maybe save the solved positions of all solved levels so the user can go back to any level and see his solution to that level.

    Again, great game.. keep up the good work. I’ll definitely buy it when it comes out.. assuming these 2 tweaks are added, at least 😉 Thanks for your time.

  4. Spmwinkel says:

    Congrats on the new blog, and thank you for the online Auditorium demo.

    I hope you’ll add RSS to this blog (or just keep sending e-mail notifications when a new article is up).

    I’m keeping track of the development news and hope you’ll enjoy making this into an iPhone/iPod Touch game at some point in the future. 🙂

  5. M@r(o says:

    Well, it seems I am the first to actually make use of your blog! I expected this place to be crowded with joyfull comments of Auditorium-fans… it is an honour to be the first. Let me start with compliment you guys with this stunning project. I am roaming the web for quite a few years and I am a Flash-fan myself (Flash like from Adobe… not with a raincoat in the park 😉 and I am not easely impressed but I never saw anything like this. An absolute beautiful combination of Kinetics and sound. Awesome! I can’t wait to see more of this… maybe with a choice of musical styles like hiphop, Jazz, Blues and Disco?

  6. dain
    dain says:

    @Hope: Happy indeed!

    @Schupin: Glad you love the header!

    @mike: Saved games are stored using a Flash SharedObject, which is a bit more persistent than a browser cookie. One of the biggest things for us is to make everything in Auditorium unobtrusive, so we are looking at some more permanent ways of saving your progress.

    @zenpunk: Great comments, the feedback definitely helps. With the icons disappearing, we largely hope that as the user becomes more familiar with the game they’ll be able to tell what kind of control it is by its effect on the flow. Could need to go back to the drawing board on that one. Maybe an option that can be toggled.

    As for strength, the biggest thing to know is that time is the biggest factor — the longer a particle stays in the sphere of influence, the more it will be affected. I hope that clears up some of the confusion regarding strength vs. size, though we are revisiting the physics equations to make them feel a bit more intuitive.

    Fear not! The #1 most requested feature for Auditorium an “accept solution” mechanism, and believe me, we’re listening!

    @lilchoconut & Andrew: Glad you guys love the game!

    @Spmwinkel: For RSS, you can scroll all the way to the bottom. In the footer, we have a big shiny RSS button. Maybe we’ll move that if to many people have a hard time finding it.

    @M@r(o: Thanks for the kind words and compliments!

  7. RedRabbit says:

    Thank you dev team for your awesome creation!
    I was wondering if the published awesomeness would have a “create your own level” section. This would be so much fun to play with, and share my level ideas with the community. <3 You have done a great job, and I can’t wait to purchase and support your product.

  8. Tom says:

    Hi there,

    you guys have created a beautiful game, and I’ve spent quite some time with the demo.

    And then … yes, I guess I’d also buy the final game, IF you’d put in the points ZenPunk noted above (I couldn’t express it any better then s/he did there).

    Thanks, Tom in Germany

  9. Venkatesh says:

    This is one of the Best……

    Love to play on & on & on…

    can include each stage a code or id so that the user can continue from the previous stage.


  10. Lish says:

    Congrats on the blog guys – it’s amazing. You guys never fail to impress and blow my mind. It’s absolutely stunning. Keep up the fantabulous work! With love, lish <3

  11. Dan_Can says:

    Great game guys.

    # zenpunk hit a lot of the points that came across my mind like the one were you complete a level and then poof its gone.

    Also you might want to consider having some sort of timer that verifies all of the audio containers have been filled for a certain amount of time because some of the levels I was able to fling a bunch of “The Flow” into the audio containers and still pass the level w/o actually having everything set up right. either that or just decrease the time that the audio containers hold “The Flow”

    Can’t wait for it to come out!!

  12. will
    will says:


    We could increase that timer time for you, but then you wouldn’t be able to fling ‘The Flow’ into the containers to pass the level like you do now. Remember, we believe there is no right or wrong way to play!

  13. Briguy says:

    I love this game! I agree with the above: you should be allowed to observe a level after you finish it. But I agree with you guys, the creators, too: having several means by which to finish a level is very cool.

  14. Alex B says:

    Great idea, beautiful visuals, and sound.

    I agree with the level not ending right as you beat it, but perhaps have a continue button?

    Also, please include a level selector, my browser crashed at one point (just from trying to do too many things at once, your game seems to take up a lot of speed lol), and I had to start all over… though its ok now, I’m stuck back on the same level ;P

    You could also have it save everytime you beat a level, instead of when you close the game..

    Keep up the great work, good luck streamlining the game, and adding more content, a level designer would be really intresting, though adding your own music, and having it go as smoothly, might be difficult…

    Oh and I’d love to beta test your game, if you need more testers, I saw the link at one point on the main page (unless I’m going crazy) but I couldnt find it again.. lol

    P.S. Thanks for the song 🙂

  15. kayak says:

    ooooh!!! is the next level ready yet? is it?! is it?! please, please, please! i promise to feed it, play with it and take it for a walk… *big-smile*

    folks, this is wonderful, unique, meditative, frustrating, satisfying, mind-numbing and stimulating! Thank you for sharing your creative efforts!

    yes votes

    -for not necessarily having to scroll over effector (becomes distracting when extremely busy screen– perhaps a teeny-weenie triangle or symbol)

    -option to hold finished screen to zone out and appreciate the beauty of the creation

    -pause button

  16. kkkk says:

    so amazing!!!

    i’m impressed!!!!

    i got 3-6 do!!!!! i expect act4

    angle is very very important!! i see

    real ending will so fabulous that i know

  17. Blatm says:

    Very cool game! I love the music too.

    I have three suggestions:

    1) Make the Flow a bit more consistent. On 2:5 especially, I got to a point where all the boxes were *almost* full, and I had to wait around to get a lucky surge. Also, it was troublesome to make minute adjustments.

    2) It would be nice if things were a bit more intuitive. Combined with 1), I felt that at certain points, the game was not so much “figure out what to do”, but instead “figure out exactly what positioning will make the Flow go exactly where I want it to”, often through trial and error, which isn’t as gratifying.

    3) As mentioned previously, a “continue” button when he level is done. I want to hear the music I just made!

    I can’t wait for more levels and *access to the music*! Keep up the good work!

  18. Olechka-persik says:

    Огромное спасибо за потрясающие идеи!!! Буду следить за блогом, много всего интересного. А мой блог о науке, надеюсь, тоже понравится 😉

  19. Sergey says:

    Действительно интересный блог. Автор, не желаете ли его продать? Свяжитесь со мной – 7812один. Сергей.


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