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Donations $5 or above

We have been trying our very best to make this a surprise, but due to the obvious concern people have shown we wanted to tackle the subject of donations. First off, Dain and I cannot thank you enough for your contributions. Believe it or not, the donations have helped us quite a bit in times […]

It’s a Day of Sharing.

I thought it might be nice to direct you guys to some gaming gems we stumbled upon today. While neither of these games are new flash games from what I understand, they are both great. Without further ado, from the puzzle-game genre I’d like to present to you LaunchBall. LaunchBall excels in so many areas […]

ByteJacker and Beta Testing

Yesterday it was announced Auditorium was the ‘Free Indie Rapid Fire‘ game of the week over at ByteJacker. I wanted to thank anyone who voted for us, you guys rock! Meanwhile, I have some important news about beta testing. You may have noticed there is no longer a beta testing link on the Auditorium site. […]

An award-winning agency.

We are proud to say we were featured on the FWA today as ‘Site of the Day.’ For us, this is a big honor. The FWA showcases sites that go above and beyond, totally pushing the envelope for what is cutting edge on the internet today. Meanwhile, we have also won a few other awards. […]

Auditorium Backstory

It seems like just about everyone asks, “How did you come up with the idea for Auditorium?” Well, the truth is, like any good idea, it started small and evolved into what you see today. Now the question is, how small did this idea start? Surprisingly, Auditorium was meant to only be a mere widget […]