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iPhone Releastravaganza!

We’re thrilled to announce that Auditorium is finally available on the iPhone (This is the US link, search for it in your country)! It’s been a long time coming, but we think we’ve got something here that is true to the original. If you get it, be sure to rate it and leave a comment! […]


You may have noticed we haven’t had a lot of posts recently. We have a whole ton of great news regarding Auditorium that we’ll be able to discuss soon. Also, we’d gone into hiding so we could wrap up our latest title, Fractal. We’re not totally finished, but we were able to get a pretty […]

2008 Puzzle Game of the Year is Live!

You heard us! Over at JayIsGames we were lucky enough to be named as Browser-Based Puzzle Game of the Year. We cannot even tell you how much of an honor this. Hopefully, the full version will live up to the hype. But really, thats for you to decide. We have done our absolute best to […]

Important Release News

As everyone has noticed, the full release of Auditorium has not gone live yet. After completing development on our local copy, we began migration of the new system on Thursday morning. Little did we know this would launch the longest work day in Cipher Prime history — a staggering 72 hours straight of non-stop work […]