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Super Indie Bundle on Steam!

Happy Holidays!  Guess what! Fractal is included in the Super Indie Bundle, an awesome holiday deal going on in the Steam Store right now! From now until January 2nd, this bundle of ten amazing games from some super cool indie studios is available for $19.99; that’s 77% off the cost of buying all ten games! Honestly, we’re pretty […]

Pulse: OST Updated!

We’ve updated the Pulse: OST with four additional tracks. Now Pulse’s Catnip, High Roller, Orbital Drop, and Sahara are available for your aural enjoyment! Here’s one of our favorites, Orbital Drop: For those customers who have already purchased the official soundtrack, this update will be available–for free–through our website. All you need to do is re-download the […]

Fractal Blooms on Steam

We drafted it, armed it, made it say goodbye to its sweethearts, and now Fractal is all set to drop on the beaches of Steam as the vanguard of a Cipher Prime invasion! That’s right, Fractal is our very first title on the Steam Store! It will feature all the tweaks and improvements we added to […]

Vote for Pulse!

Cipher Prime wants to thank its fans for driving the success of Pulse: Volume One these past six months. We were ecstatic when Pulse was chosen as Apple’s iPad Game of the Week, and then we were humbled by the breadth of your support. You’ve helped us incredibly through your emails, your comments, your buzz, and your awesome reviews. […]


Check it out guys!  Cipherprime.com has been given a sparkly, new and improved makeover.  Plus, we’re trying hard to get all our sites under one umbrella for your viewing pleasure. We’ve also added a new music page, cipherprime.bandcamp.com, hosted by Bandcamp.  All of your favorite tracks, in addition to new tracks, will be added to […]

A Fond Farewell…

Friends, I’m afraid the sun has set on my time at Cipher Prime. Two weeks notice was given. Two weeks have passed. Now I must ride my bike into the distance as the credits roll. But don’t worry! I totally cranked out a hefty collection of baller @$$ Pulse levels before throwing in the towel. […]

Fractal hits iPad!

Who’s got six thumbs and a New and Noteworthy game in the App Store? THESE GUYS. We’re thrilled to announce that after grueling months of production, Fractal : Make Blooms Not War is now available for your iPad! For a limited time, you can pick it up in the app store for a meager $0.99! The […]

Patience is a Virtue

Now we know we’re a little past-due on Pulse’s newest update but fret not, dearest dot tappers. We will deliver. Our second free update features four brand new levels, a slew of small bug fixes and a major performance increase! Last month, we received a good deal of feedback pointing out that our “Philly is […]

A Promise is a Promise.

You know when we said we’d be releasing new tracks each month for Pulse? Well, we try our very best to make sure we’re not liars. So you can go grab that update now. ( almost a month to the day ) It seems a company’s word isn’t worth a lot these days and we […]

Nerds: Rage, Rejoice and Game

When our good friend, rapper, and Pulse music contributor Justin Giza aka Zilla Persona told us about his nerdcore showcase, NerdRage, we were psyched to help support the non-profit event. Featuring 9 music groups from California to Kansas, the 2nd annual NerdRage promises to celebrate “all things nerdly,” according to the founder. Studio 34, a […]